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Cassowary is a species of bird that is quite unique and has a large size and is one of the rare bird species. The cassowary is a type of game bird that lives in the forest and is known to originate from Australia, Papua and New Guinea. Cassowaries have several different species and types. The following are some of the different types of cassowaries, both in terms of shape and visual conditions and other conditions in the explanation below.

  • Single wattle cassowary

This type of cassowary has a scientific name Casuarius unappendiculatus which can be seen by the shape of the neck that has a single slack with a long waist. This type of cassowary bird also has stiff black feathers, a bright blue head, and tall, thick, triangular horns. The shape of the feet of this single-breeding cassowary also looks large and sturdy and it has three toes with sharp claws. Due to its stocky shape and sharp fingers, the cassowary is designated as one of the most dangerous bird species in the world. (Also read: bird of paradise cultivation)

Cassowary species of this unique wattle are found in various areas such as eastern Papua, the Bird’s Head area to Ramu Strait, and on several other islands including Yapen Island, Batanta Island, and Salawati Island. . This single species of acacia bird is further divided into several subspecies, such as unappendiculatus, occipitalis, aurantiacus and philipi, which are still difficult to prove clearly. (Also read: how to preserve birds of paradise)

  • Double wattle cassowary

The next type of cassowary is the double-bramble cassowary, which is scientifically known as Casuarius Casuarius. The characteristics of the adult birds owned by the double-bramble cassowary are almost the same as those of the single-bramble cassowary with a large shape and stark black base color. What distinguishes the double bearded cassowary is the blue skin on the neck and there are two elongated wattles. The double cane mattress headboard has brown markings. (Also read: how to captivate a Javanese eagle)

The original habitat of this double wattle cassowary species is in the lowland forests found in several areas, such as Australia, the island of Papua, and the island of Seram in the province of Moluccas. Cassowaries usually have the habit of living alone and only in pairs if they have entered the breeding season. (Also read: how to breed rainbow parrots)

The last type of cassowary is the dwarf cassowary species or Casuarius Bennetti which, as its name indicates, has a smaller size than other cassowaries. The characteristics of the dwarf cassowary are almost the same as the characteristics of other cassowaries, except that its body shape is smaller, with no wattles hanging from the bird’s neck. The original habitat of this dwarf cassowary is on the island of Papua, precisely in forests and hills at an altitude of 3 thousand feet. There are 7 subspecies of the pygmy mattress, such as picticollis, papuanus, goodfellowi, claudii, shawmayeri, hecki, and bennetti. (Also read: how to breed black-headed parrots)

That is an explanation of the types of cassowaries and their characteristics and habitats that need attention. Cassowaries are now considered one of the rare protected animals because the population of cassowaries in their natural habitat continues to decline.

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