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Ornamental fish is a type of animal that is widely farmed, especially for people who have a hobby and interest in the beauty of fish. There are many types of ornamental fish that can be kept and one of them is the koi fish, long known as an ornamental fish that brings luck and fortune when kept indoors. Koi fish are a type of fish that are large in size and tend to colonize, so it is necessary to keep them in the pond. For maximum koi size, here’s how to keep large koi fish fast in the explanation below.

  1. Always pay attention to the quality of the water.

Fish living in water-filled media certainly greatly affect their growth and health when the quality of the water used is not properly considered. Koi fish growth will be slow when the pond water has never been cleaned and looks very dirty. Regular cleaning of the pond at least once a week is an effort that can be made to improve the quality of the water so that the growth of koi fish in it goes well. Pond water quality parameters to consider include acidity level, pond turbidity, presence of harmful contaminants, and temperature. (Also read: how to care for koi fish)

  1. Give the best feed and add complementary vitamins

The growth of large fish is certainly influenced by the food they are given, so paying attention to the type of food and how to feed it correctly is one step in the effort to find fish. Koi are omnivorous animals that must be balanced in their diet with various types and of course high nutrition. Koi fish feeding is done two to three times a day and when it is cold, the fish will eat less, so twice a day is enough. Overfeeding can cause stress to the fish and alter the quality of the pond water. (Also read: how to keep koi fish in a pond at home)

  1. Make sure the koi fish are not stressed in the pond.

One of the factors that makes the size of the koi fish not large is due to the stressful and uncomfortable conditions that the koi fish feel in the pond. In addition to paying attention to quality, another way to keep large koi fish fast is to make sure that the fish always have a sufficient level of pleasure and comfort and avoid stress. Some steps to maintain pond comfort, in addition to ensuring water quality is maintained, include cleaning the pond at all times, balancing the size of the pond with the number of fish it contains, immediately quarantining problem fish, etc. (Also read: how to keep koi fish in a cement pond)

  1. Supply of accessories in the pool.

In fact, koi can be kept in ponds or aquariums, but most ponds are still the primary option. The accessories in the pond are also essential to make the superior koi fish seeds grow. Some accessories that can be added to the koi fish include filters, fountains, rocks which will also provide more aesthetic value than a house with a koi pond. (Also read: how to choose a good koi fish)

Those are some explanations on how to keep koi fish grow fast that should be properly considered. Every koi owner should pay attention to the care needs of the fish so that they grow well. (Also read: how to deal with stressed koi fish)

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