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This type of animal ant itself is definitely not alien to all of you, because almost everywhere there must be a small but sometimes annoying animal below. However, have you ever been curious about the passage of ants?

For the ants themselves will not usually pass alone, most will be found in groups, because that has become their pure nature. Various types of colony activities have been carried out to make it easier, and the following types of house ants can be identified.

1. Ghost Ant

ghost ant

The types of ants often found in the first house are the ghost ants, these ants are generally known as sugar ants and have the appearance of a dark head with a blond belly. However, these ants do not bite or sting, so they are quite safe when these ants attack you.

And something that is usually sought after is food with a sweet texture or sugar-based ingredients, even sweet fruits, although these types of ants will also be approached by these types of ants. As for the place that it usually uses as a nest, it is a humid place such as under the sink, the kitchen or others.

Usually, these ants will appear when you do not behave cleanly in eating food, or perhaps the food arrangements are not clean and tidy in the home. Sweet foods, such as cookie crumbs and the like, are also targets, so clean them up immediately after eating.

Because when there are crumbs or food scraps that fall, it is very quick to invite these ghost ants to immediately take them to their homes as food supplies. Perhaps you yourself will be surprised, where did the ants come from, how did they get to their destination so quickly.

2. Pharaoh Ants

pharaoh ants

The appearance of this ant is to have a brownish yellow color and you should also be careful when you find this insect. Because these pharaoh ants can bite you, but it is very rare that they bite parts of the human body.

The type of food that became the target of this pharaoh ant species was food that contained such oils. And most of these ants are most active at night, so humans will rarely notice their presence.

Commonly used nesting locations are in many places, as long as they are still in your room, or maybe a storage room and so on. most of the pharaoh’s anthills were after something that had been neglected for a long time.

Slightly different from the first type of domestic ant, because this pharaoh ant is even more active in search, it does not approach something that has been wasted, but also looks for its origin.

Therefore, get used to closing the food well, so as not to be approached by the following brownish-yellow ants. Fat cat food is no exception, which needs to be protected from the presence of ants.

3. Crazy ant

crazy ant

Unlike the two types of house ants, these crazy ants can move erratically when they sense a disturbance. And these ants are not dangerous at all, because they will not bite or sting you.

These ants themselves do not care what food is scattered in your house, and he will come and eat it on the spot. It is very rare for this species to colonize and tend to live more independently, so it is very rare for it to take its food elsewhere.

And most of the nests are not inside, but are still around the house. Crazy ants usually have nests under flower pots or maybe they crawl along the path or maybe in the corridors of buildings.

These crazy ants will enter your house looking for any food, especially when they are already on the way. And this type of ant is one of the easiest ant species to find in Indonesia than in other countries.

4. Carpenter ant

carpenter ant

And the last type of domestic ant is the carpenter ant where this species is 17mm in size and the color of its body is difficult to identify. This species also does not bite or sting humans, so it is quite safe but has yet to be eradicated.

Something that became their goal to serve as a food supply, namely molasses and also dead insects. Most of these animals prefer to nest in trees and wooden structures, hence the name carpenter ants.

They will make a home in the wood, much like termites that use their stings to make holes but don’t eat them, they are usually there due to moist conditions, which attracts these ants to come. Sangkat is also one of them, and here are some tips to protect the cage from ants.

It can also be said that knowing the type of domestic ant is important, because knowing the type you no longer need to worry about whether the ant bites or not, you need to be aware of what it is like and how to handle it.

Actually, if you think about it, these ants can also be one of your efforts because the main food of pangolins is ants and several other types of animals. This is how weaver ants or perhaps already successful and curious how to harvest Kroto so that their parents do not bite them.

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