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Among various types of animals that humans can and are used to, cats remain one of the most popular types of pets in the community. Almost easily we find that there are cats that are kept by humans in the environment that surrounds them. Owning a cat has recently become a trend and has even become a business field to make a profit by selling cats. As a buyer, cats should be considered first before ownership, one of which is paying attention to the cat’s age. The following is an explanation of how to calculate the correct age of a cat, especially for beginners.

  1. Judging by the cat’s teeth.

The first way to calculate the age of a cat can be seen in the cat’s teeth that show the age of the cat. Some of the steps that need to be taken to measure a cat’s age from its teeth include:

  • number of teeth, Counting the number of a cat’s teeth can determine the age of a kitten. The sequence of cat dentition, 2 to 3 weeks for incisors, 3 to 4 weeks for canines, and 4 to 6 weeks for molars. Kittens under 4 months old do not have molars. Cats older than 6 months will have all of their cat teeth. (Also read: the process of growth and development in cats)
  • yellow teeth, Cat teeth under 2 years old do not turn yellow and only turn yellow after 2 years. The more yellow the cat’s teeth indicate older age.
  • tooth condition, the condition of the cat’s teeth that are still easy or under 5 years old will show teeth that are still solid, sharp and not worn down. Cats older than 5 years have worn, dull and damaged teeth. (Also read: Signs of an old cat)
  1. Judging by the cat’s fur and body.

Aside from its teeth, a cat’s age can also be estimated by looking directly at the cat’s fur and body. Here are some conditions of the cat’s coat and body that can be used as a reference to determine the cat’s age, including:

  • fur thickness, thinner cat hair indicates that the cat is aging, especially if the fur sheds easily.
  • feather texture, a young cat certainly has a coat texture that is still soft and smooth in contrast to an older cat whose coat is relatively thicker. (Also read: how to know the age of a cat)
  • body shapethe body shape of a cat that is still easy is certainly strong and robust and robust with muscles compared to an old cat.
  1. Seen from the cat’s eyes

In addition to teeth and fur, you can also predict a cat’s age by looking at the cat’s eyes. The condition of the cat’s eyes that is getting worse can be a sign that the cat has reached a fairly old age. Cats that shed more tears show that the cat is getting older. The ease of glare with a dirty eye color also provides the basis for determining that a cat is aging. (Also read: the growth process in cats)

  1. Judging by the behavior of the cat.

Apart from its physical condition, the age of the cat can also be known from the behavior patterns that the cat displays. Typically, an older cat will not be as active as a young cat. Older cats are more likely to exhibit aggressive, fearful, and nervous behavior than younger cats. Old cats also begin to have frequent problems such as careless defecation or urination. Older cats sleep a lot, but they often stay up late at night and sleep a lot during the day. (Also read: how to care for a 2-week-old cat)

Those are some things that can be considered as part of how to calculate the age of a cat that every cat lover should pay close attention to, especially when buying a cat to care for.

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