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Delman is one of the traditional means of transportation that is still widely found. Also, if you play in the Central Java area, it will be very easy to find this wagon, not using a machine but using a horse as the driving force of the wagon.

Because he works hard, caring for a chariot horse is distinctly different from caring for a racehorse. This is because the needs or energy needed are also different so the horse continues to be fit and can be called back to work again later, here’s how to care for the right cart horse.

1. Food intake

The first method of treatment has to do with feeding, where this medium sized horse needs around 9KG of food intake every day. This horse has a relatively small stomach and sensitive digestive system, so it tends to graze and chew throughout the day rather than eat one or two specific foods.

For the food menu, this cart horse is the same as horses in general, which may use grass mixed with bran or bran. If possible, you can feed it in the form of peanut leaves that are still green or fresh so that it has enough nutrients for its needs.

If your horse appears ill, you can provide additional food later to restore stamina. This additional food can be in the form of 5-7 free-range eggs or duck eggs to increase stamina again if he is weak.

2. How to bathe

Like pets in general, this cart horse also needs a bath to keep its body clean and fresh, so that later, when invited to work, it will pull the cart with enthusiasm and without odor.

However, there is something different about bathing this cart horse, if it happens to be in the rainy season. Where the horse is bathed in warm water and mixed with lemongrass in the water.

The purpose of doing this is so that later the horse will not catch cold easily due to low temperatures during the rainy season. Of course, this is very common or reasonable, even during the rainy season, humans also bathe in warm water.

And because of its sheer size, the process itself will also take a long time and needs to be closely monitored. Unlike the tips for bathing a small cat, one person is enough to handle it.

3. How to care

Like a cart horse, horses are certainly invited to roam the city to carry passengers. It is not uncommon for there to be some passengers who wish to be delivered a considerable distance compared to before.

Therefore, the horse requires more energy to carry the passenger. Usually when we run or walk long distances, of course we immediately look for water to drink because we are thirsty, or some even take a shower so that the body cools down and is ready to return to activities.

Unlike cart horses, after horses have just walked a long distance, they should not be given water immediately. If a cart horse after being asked to walk a long distance is given water to drink or even bathe, then the horse may catch a cold.

It is fine to give the horse something to drink after a long journey, but not too much, a quarter of a bucket is enough to quench its thirst. And even if his stomach hurts again, this is how you can deal with a horse with a stomach ache.

4. How to treat if the horse is sick

For those of you who own a cart horse, there are conditions where you need to pay attention to your pet. The concern here is to make sure the horse you have is in fair or healthy condition so that it is ready to be invited to work again later.

However, if you see this cart horse’s condition looking dull and dull, then the horse you have is experiencing intestinal worms. Horses experience this disease quite frequently, but there is no need to panic because there is already a cure.

The way to treat this dewormed cart horse can be by purchasing its medication from various livestock stores in your area. Apart from this treatment. there are other options you can use if by any chance your cart horse is sick.

The treatment you can do is to do a massage as an alternative to treat a sick horse. You can also give this cart horse a vitamin shot to restore its stamina again.

Just as additional information, there are those who think that the phenomenon of using a pregnant mare pulling a cart is ‘torture’. However, for charioteers this is not the case, they even assume that the horse is working when it is pregnant.

This can even make the birth process easier later on. There are several types of horses that exist in the world, and each of these types must also be recognized, in order to provide them with the best care and condition maintenance techniques.

Maybe that’s enough for a review on caring for a cart horse, hopefully what we’ve passed on is useful and can contribute to your understanding later on. In addition, he also knows the benefits of horses for other humans, not just for a wagon.

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