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Fish feed is a type of feed that is processed and made to be fed as fish feed so that it can grow properly. For bird owners, it turns out there’s a lot of common belief in the community about the impact fish feed can have on the birds they keep. The benefits of fish food are beginning to be sought after as one that can improve the process of caring for birds. Here are some explanations about the benefits of feeding fish for birds that may not be widely known as part of alternative feeding when raising birds in the explanation below.

  1. Fish food lasts longer

The first benefit that can be gained from fish food or commonly known as voer if given to birds is that it has a long enough stamina that it will survive as a suitable food even though it has been in the birds’ feeding bowl. birds for a long time. . With its increased durability and ability to survive in any weather environment, voer is the choice for bird feed that will stick around for a long time. (Also read: how to make fish feed without machine)

  1. It has enough nutritional content.

Another benefit that voer or fish feed given to birds also possesses is the same as other bird feeds when considered in terms of nutritional content. The nutritional and nutritional content value of fish feed is formulated to help fish have good body development. The content of these nutritional values ​​can also maintain the growth conditions of birds and meet the nutritional needs that are needed every day. (Also Read: Tips for Making Super Kroto to Feed Singing Birds)

  1. Easy to get

Bird food is also readily available, as well as fish food given as bird feed. With the ease of obtaining food, the need for food can always be met. Fish feed can be an alternative for bird owners when various types of ready-to-use bird feed cannot be obtained or the supply is empty without fear of side effects that can occur when birds consume fish feed. (Also read: additional food for sparrows)

  1. The nutritional value is easy to regulate.

The benefit of fish feed for other birds is that it is easy to regulate the nutritional value to be given to the birds considering only the feed requirements at each age of different birds. With these simple adjustments, bird owners can properly adjust bird feeding requirements to match their daily needs based on the weight and age of their pets. (Also read: how to make organic fish feed from cow manure)

  1. Help birds to be more assertive and not lazy

Fish feed is clearly cheaper than bird feed, making it very profitable in terms of financing requirements for raising birds. Also, the benefits of fish feed for other birds is that it helps to overcome the condition of birds that are less insistent and lazy in song. The benefits of fish food apply widely to singing birds, one of which is condet birds that help keep birds singing insistently and not slack off. (Also read: how to make floating fish food)

Those are some explanations about the benefits of fish feed for birds that should be considered as an additional type of feed or even an alternative to bird feed with the above positive benefits.

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