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It should be noted that there are a lot of chickens in Indonesia, many people have this animal, especially in rural areas. This is because they can reproduce quite easily, and when they mate, they can not only hatch the eggs, but also become new chicks. But still, since the formation of eggs they have been sold at a rather expensive price.

Especially for the chicken meat itself, which obviously has a much more expensive price, depending on the size and weight and health of the animal itself. Most people don’t care about its name, and most call it free range chicken. However, there are basically several types of free range chickens that need to be recognized. One of them is like this Pelung Chicken, for example. Also know the discussion about the characteristics of cemani chickens that are easy to know, and also the characteristics of lingnan chickens that are easy to recognize.

Pelung chicken is a kind of local chicken originating from Indonesia, the area of ​​origin is Cianjur, West Java. Where for this type of chicken is slightly different compared to raising chickens in general. For other chickens, selection is based on the appearance or perhaps the value of the chicken, but for the pelung, selection is based on sound. For the song of this chicken, it is longer and has a strong intonation.

There are several types of treatment that the owner should be aware of, one of which is giving tomatoes to the chicken. For breeders who are not yet aware of the efficacy of one of these healthy fruits for chickens, they can immediately refer to the discussion on the benefits of tomatoes for pelung chickens to be discussed below.

Benefits of Tomatoes for Chicken Pelung

1. For a smooth sound

The main benefit of giving tomatoes to pelung chickens is to keep the sound of pelung chickens soft, so that later they can more easily win the contest. As mentioned above, where this type of chicken is chosen not in terms of appearance, but in terms of sound. The one with the best voice is the one who is chosen as the winner of the contest held.

As the method of giving alone is very easy, the first thing that is important to take into account is to make sure that the tomatoes to be given are still fresh. The next thing is to divide it into several parts, so that this hero can swallow it. And give the tomato slices to the chicken, thank goodness if you want to eat it yourself. However, if you don’t eat it right away, it can be slowly released so it can enter and pass through your throat.

2. Can suck mucus

Not only does it make the sound softer, but the addition of tomatoes can also make chicken pelung sound louder. That’s because the mucus stuck at the base of the mouth and throat can pass into the chicken’s stomach along with the tomato entry. That way, during a contest or performing a routine, the pelung chicken can make a loud song, that is, a song without hoarseness. See also the discussion on how to deal with the sound of a stray cat.

3. Keep healthy

Just like humans, chickens are also living creatures that still depend on healthy food to maintain their health. To keep the pelung chickens in excellent condition, so that they can compete at any time, the owner must also be very good at taking care of them. Like giving tomatoes routinely, for example, which is not only good for rooster crowing, it’s also good for your health.

Tomatoes are one of the foods that can supply the nutritional needs, vitamins and minerals that chickens need. Even so, it does not mean that you only have to eat fruit, give him some high-protein animal foods, such as eels, snails, snails or small fish.

4. Make it more exciting

When the condition of the pelung chicken is healthy at all times, because it is filled with various kinds of food that are full of nutrients and vitamins, it is clear that the condition of the chicken will keep fit, and it can move well every day. However, as an owner, to get your chickens even more excited, you also need to provide them with proper care.

As is the case with bathing the chickens every morning and then drying them in the coop. This step will provide a more relaxed feeling for the chicken as it gets enough vitamin D and fresh air outside the cage for a while. Also check out the discussion on how to make the right Bangkok chicken coop.

5. More immune to the virus

If studied, there are a large number of viruses that threaten the health of the chicken, including pelung chickens. Giving tomatoes or other healthy foods will obviously make this pet chicken’s body more resistant to virus attacks in general. In that way, the death rate of the chicken can be minimized even better.

Portion of Pelung Feed

When feeding the pelung chicken, it can not be done arbitrarily. To get various kinds of benefits, there is also a measure, how to treat pelung chickens, such as giving protein levels to feed for broiler chickens, which can be as high as 15%. In addition to sliced ​​tomatoes, slices of other vegetables can also be included. It is then mixed with cooked bran, mixed with half cooked rice as well.

To maintain the sound, also give the yolks from time to time, mixed with the butter and sticky rice that have been stirred evenly. At least give him this in the span of once a month. Those are some of the benefits of tomatoes for pelung chickens that can be fully applied and are suitable for the age of the breeders.

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