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Chicken is a type of livestock that will always be able to bring positive and profitable results. The results of raising chickens that more than one can generate profit for farmers include chicken meat, chicken eggs, and chicken manure used as fertilizer for plants. In the process of raising chickens, feed is one of the things that need to be taken into account, from the selection of the type to the quantity and frequency with which chickens are given the chicken. There are many alternative chicken feeds developed among breeders, one of which is turi leaf meal. Here are some benefits of turi leaf meal for chicken feed to be noted in the explanation below.

  1. Reduce feed costs

The first benefit of turi leaf meal for chicken feed is that it helps reduce the cost of feed for the cultivation process or for raising chickens. One of the biggest costs of growing or raising chickens is feed. As a lower cost alternative to feed, plant-based or forage leaf feed also has sufficient nutritional value to meet the needs of chickens. Forage foods such as turi leaves can also be easily found in the chicken farm environment. (Also read: how to make organic chicken feed)

  1. Help meet the nutritional needs of chickens.

The choice of chicken feed is certainly not only considered in terms of the costs that must be incurred, but also the nutritional content and nutrients it contains to help meet the needs of the chickens. The nutrients contained in turi leaves are quite high, especially the crude protein that chickens need. Turi leaves can be used as feed for ruminant and non-ruminant animals. The value of the nutritional content of turi leaves makes it also widely used as food for pomfret after the fermentation process. (Also read: how to make chicken feed with banana stems)

  1. Maintain food availability

The benefit of turi leaf meal for other chicken feeds is that it helps maintain the availability of chicken feeds on farms so they do not run out due to certain constraints. Turi leaves can be easily processed and will be available throughout the year in residential areas so that the quantity is always available for the needs of the chickens. It is very important to maintain the availability of feed for chickens so that the condition of the livestock process is carried out properly. (Also read: how to make organic chicken feed)

  1. Reduce the amount of food used

Another benefit that can be obtained from turi leaf meal used as an alternative feed for chicken fodder is to reduce the amount of feed used. Due to the high nutritional content, the use of turi leaves is more effective in quantity compared to other types of feed that can be given to chickens. With fewer uses, the cost of feed can also be reduced. (Also read: how to raise chicks correctly)

  1. Improve the quality of livestock products

Another benefit of using turi leaf meal as chicken feed is that it helps improve the quality of livestock performance. These benefits can be felt in both broiler and laying hen farms if the management and processing of turi leaf meal is done properly. (Also read: why the type of food affects the color of chicken meat)

Those are some of the benefits of turi leaf meal for chicken feed that should be considered and can be used as the main feed or alternative feed in the process of raising chickens.

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