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5 Causes of Paralysis in Rabbits - How to Overcome Them
Paralysis is a condition in which the body’s organs cannot be used or moved as desired, and the organs usually appear weak. The condition of paralysis is one of the serious problems that can attack rabbits.

The appearance of these problems is very dangerous for the health of the rabbits that are kept or raised. Due to these dangerous conditions, the condition of the rabbit should be a concern for breeders and their keepers to find out the cause of paralysis in rabbits along with various ways to manage it in the explanation below.

  1. nervous disorders

The main condition that can cause paralysis in rabbits is a disturbance in the rabbit’s nerves. The condition of nerve disorders is caused by several things, including certain diseases that are directly related to the nerves. To find out the cause of this, a clear medical examination by a veterinarian is required. (Also read: tips for carrying rabbits long distance)

  1. drink less

Another cause of paralysis in rabbits that also often occurs in rabbits is a lack of drinking water. Lack of water can make rabbits weak and less willing to move, making it appear paralyzed. Pay attention to the amount of water you give the rabbit and make sure the water is clean.

  1. Fracture

Fractured rabbit bones can also be one of the causes of paralytic conditions that require attention. The fractures made the rabbit unable to stand. Fractures are usually seen with symptoms of paralysis accompanied by restlessness, pain, and abnormal bone shape. (Also read: how to have rabbits at home)

  1. Stress

The stress experienced by pets will obviously cause various types of problems ranging from difficulty eating to hair loss. Stress can also cause the rabbit to become paralyzed and unable to function properly. Stress conditions should always be considered by pet owners. The stress itself can be caused by a number of things ranging from uncomfortable conditions, poor hygiene, to the food the rabbits are consuming. (Also read: tips for rabbits to eat)

  1. Antinutrients in food.

Another cause of paralysis in rabbits is due to the presence of antinutrients in the food that rabbits consume. Antinutrients like oxalate contained in spinach, kale and katuk leaves can cause calcium deposition. This condition causes calcium to be unable to be absorbed by the rabbit’s body, so the bones lack calcium, causing sudden paralysis. (Also read: tips so that rabbits do not die quickly)

How to overcome paralysis in rabbits

After knowing what causes the rabbit to experience paralysis, the next thing is to make efforts to overcome this condition. Here are some ways to treat paralysis in rabbits that are appropriate and according to the cause.

  • good nutrition, One of the causes that makes rabbits suffer from paralysis is the lack of nutrients in their body. Giving multivitamins and proper food as well as providing adequate amounts of water will help overcome paralysis in rabbits.
  • Avoid foods with antinutritional Anti-nutrient feeding should be avoided prior to the healing process because it can cause obstacles to the absorption of nutrients that rabbits need. (Also read: how to care for rabbits in the rainy season)
  • Address the cause Various causes such as broken bones, stress, etc. must be addressed properly in order to restore the rabbit’s condition from being paralyzed to normal.

Those are some explanations about the causes of paralysis in rabbits and some ways that can be done to overcome this condition. Paralysis in rabbits will have a negative impact on their health so it is necessary to get good handling of the shell immediately.

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