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The kacer bird is a type of songbird that has become popular either as a mere hobby or as a bird preparing to participate in serious competition. Like a bird singing, the sound produced is an important point that must be achieved correctly in the process of proper attention. Among the various forms of treatment, the food or ingredients given to the kacer bird is one of the things that has many benefits, one of which is the lizard tail. Here are some of the benefits of lizard tails for kacer birds described below.

The use of lizard tails given to birds can be a condition that seems illogical, even looking for lizard tails can also be difficult considering that the population of lizards is not necessarily abundant in the bird’s environment. Based on the experience of several long-time bird owners, lizard tails have certain benefits, including the following:

  1. worm substitute

The first benefit that can be gained from using lizard tails for kacer birds is that nutritionally, it can act as a substitute for the worms that birds are often given. The replacement of the worms is necessary so that the birds do not get bored easily and become an alternative if there are no worms. Its shape, which is similar to that of a worm, makes it easier to give the lizard a tail. (Also read: the benefits of bananas in kacer birds)

  1. As additional food

The benefit of the lizard tail for the kacer bird is that it acts as an additional food that is given to offset the high food needs of the kacer bird. Giving extra food is something that needs to be considered in the kacer bird care process. (Also read: the benefits of a night bath in kacer birds)

  1. Suitable for use when the bird is moulting

Molting is the process of changing feathers in birds that will occur regularly over a certain period of time. The molt greatly weakens the bird considering that all the feathers will fall. To help the shedding process work properly and of course a softer coat shape can be obtained, it is necessary to provide additional food such as lizard tails. (Also read: Kacer bird leg disease)

  1. Make birds more gacor

The kacer bird is a type of bird that is in high demand due to its voice and is included in the songbird. To get a gacor sound on the kacer bird, there are several ways to do it, one of which is to give it the tail directly. (Also read: the benefits of crickets in kacer birds)

  1. Gives a warm effect to the bird.

The lizard tail turns out to have quite important benefits during the rainy season. The benefit of giving the lizard a tail to overcome cold conditions is to provide the kacer bird with additional food, i.e. the lizard tail to have the effect of warming the bird’s body so that it does not get sick easily. (Also read: how to train the mindset of a fighter)

Those are some of the benefits of kacer bird lizard tails that every bird owner can understand so that they can be used according to existing needs. The use of lizard tails for birds is a finding that cannot really be explained with certainty and is only based on experience.

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