5 most common diseases in rabbits

If you have a rabbit or plan to have one, you should know that they are somewhat delicate. You have to be especially careful if you see symptoms such as stopping eating, inflammation of the body, scratching a lot, etc. In today’s terraviva blog we tell you about the five most common diseases of rabbits, although there are many more. Diseases can be of viral origin, bacteria, fungi, parasites or of hereditary origin.

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Origin viral


This disease is serious and deadly, it is prevented by vaccination. The symptoms are lack of appetite, inflammation of the whole body. This virus is transmitted by insects that feed on blood, such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, etc.

bacteria and fungi


This disease is very serious, since it does not present symptoms, the only thing we can notice is that the animal stops eating and therefore can die between the second and fourth day. This disease is caused by fleas or mites.



It is a contagious disease that causes itching and wounds. It is prevented and treated with ivermectin.


Rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system, so special care must be taken in changing their diet, or not washing fresh food well before OFFERING IT.

And another common disease in rabbits is the overgrowth of the teeth or the malformation of the jaw. It is hereditary and consists of the fact that the teeth do not stop growing, which causes the displacement of the jaw. It is important to take him to the vet to have his teeth trimmed or filed down and thus make it easier for him to feed without any problem.

In any of the cases, we will have to go to the veterinarian to assess our pet and give him the corresponding treatment.

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5 Most Common Diseases In Rabbits

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