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Chicken is one of the basic products of livestock farming that has so far brought many benefits to farmers due to the high demand in the community. In addition to chickens for consumption of both meat and eggs, many other types of chicken can also be raised, including cemani chickens. Cemani chicken is a fairly unique type of chicken and is believed to have many specific benefits, making it one of the most sought after chickens. The following are cemani chicken breeding tips for beginners in order to provide maximum results in the explanation below.

  1. Cage Preparation

The first step that needs to be prepared in the process of raising cemani chickens is to prepare the cage and support equipment. The Cemani chicken coop should not be too big with only 5-6 chickens. This is necessary in order to improve the process of growth and development of chickens, including the mating process that will work more optimally. (Also read: The characteristics of cemani chicken are easy to know)

  1. Parent Selection

Cemani chicken breeding tips for beginners, the main thing is the selection process of breeders. The selected cemani chicken must, of course, have distinct characteristics like a cemani chicken, such as a full black color and various other types. The high price of cemani chicken makes this chicken quite fake, so it should be considered very carefully. It is best to avoid choosing cemani chickens of the same breed. (Also read: The characteristics of lingnan chickens are easy to recognize)

  1. Cemani Chicken Marriage

After the bulls are healthy, aggressive, lustful and ready to mate at an age, the next step to consider in cemani breeding tips, especially for beginners, is the mating process of chickens. . The mating process of the selected cemani chickens is through natural mating methods and no artificial insemination techniques are used like most farm chickens. This natural marriage can produce purer and higher quality tillers. Natural mating is done by leaving male and female breeders in a cage with a ratio of 1 male to 4-5 females. (Also read: Signs of bangkok chickens ready to fight)

  1. hatching of eggs

After the male and female bulls are able to mate, the eggs will hatch. Cemani chickens have a nature of raising and incubating their own eggs, so let the eggs incubate until the mother hatches. After hatching, cemani chicks are very vulnerable and easy to experience various problems that can cause dangerous conditions for cemani chicks, so it is necessary to do DOC treatment on the chicks to increase their life index. (Also read: the difference between purebred chicken and domestic chicken)

  1. rudder extension

As explained above, cemani chicks are highly susceptible to various hazardous conditions, thus a DOC treatment process is needed where the chicks are placed in a box with light irradiation. After 4 days of age, cemani chicks should be immunized according to their mandatory immunizations. Cemani chicken chicks can be raised with special care to adulthood. (Also read: Things to Consider Before Raising Native Chickens)

Those are some cemani chicken breeding tips for beginners that should be carefully considered. Cemani chicken chicks are very vulnerable and easy to experience various problems from the environment around them, so they should always be considered and cared for properly.

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