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5 Types of Diseases in Swallows
Many diseases are often found in swift cattle. Illnesses in swallows are caused by various things that interfere with their productivity in laying eggs and building nests.

Generally the disease is caused by disease and attacks the swallow’s nest. Because the disease that lands and attacks the area of ​​the swallow will surely interfere and hamper the productivity of the swallow.

It can even make the swallow uncomfortable in your area and eventually move to another place or area. Well, for that, this time we will share information for all of you, regarding Types of Diseases in Swallows and manipulators.

1. Diseases caused by ants

Not all types of ants cause illness in swallows. The ant that usually bothers the swallow is the fire ant. Fire ants attack swallows by disturbing swallows that are laying eggs and eating chicks.

swallow chicks. The way to prevent fire ants from entering the swallow area is to bait the ants to flock to it, then rinse the ants off with hot water. (Also read about how swifts spend the night)

2. Diseases due to geckos and lizards

The way that lizards and geckos attack swallows is by eating their eggs and nests. The cause of this disease will also eat swallow chicks, especially geckos. Dirt can make the area or room polluted and the swallow may not feel at home in the area. (Also read about how to catch swallows)

When a gecko eats a swallow’s eggs, it will vomit its skin onto the ground, which makes the swallow’s area dirty. The droppings can change the ambient temperature to disturb the peace of the pet. (Also read about how to raise swift nests)

To treat it is to make a water channel around the fence. Also, the exterior walls are painted and the surface becomes slippery. Ventilation holes in the swallow area that are not in use should be closed. (Also read about how to maximize swallow farming)

Also, so that the lizards do not enter the area of ​​​​the swallows, make mines and anti-gecko deterrents. It can be in the form of jagged and sharp zinc, then it is installed around the entrance, especially outside. There are also (Also read about how to keep swallows for beginners)

Another technique to catch and deter these crawling animals is to set nets that are often used by fishermen. How to use it is to install the net around the swallow building.

3. Rat disease

Rats are the cause of the disease that eat eggs, nests, chicks and swallows. These annoying animals can traumatize the swallow, so that the swallow does not want to occupy it and return to its area. Also, the sound of rats can disturb the peace of the swallow.

Rat droppings and urine also make room temperatures uncomfortable to swallow. The way to treat it is to give it rat poison, plug all the small holes or make the walls slippery so the rats can’t climb.

4. Diseases caused by cockroaches

Cockroaches are the cause of diseases that can cause diseases in pet swallow nests to be misshapen and small. To treat it, you can spray insecticides, maintain cleanliness, and dispose of unnecessary items in the swallow’s area so that it doesn’t become a hiding place for cockroaches.

5. Diseases caused by owls

The owls are the most ferocious nuisance, because the arrival of the owls can destroy all the colonies of swallows in an area. If the owl gets in, the swallow area is sure to soon be empty if not attended to immediately.

Owls will eat swallows in a variety of ways, such as blocking swallows that will enter the area, ambushing, or entering the swallow’s area directly. To fix this Install a light bulb with a power of 10 watts and place the lamp over the entrance of the swallow about 50 cm from the edge of the hole.

Turn on the lights before 7 pm and turn them off at 5 am On the outer door, about 50 cm from the edge of the hole, install a curtain rail that is twice as long as the swallow door. Fix the rope on the right and left on the curtain rail.

In the morning, before the swallow leaves the building, pull the rope to the side so that the door slides open and the swallow’s door opens. If it’s night, pull the string to the opposite side to close the opening. By opening the lid in this way, the swift’s area will be safe from owl attacks.

Use a foil door or a friend can use a door that opens and closes automatically. Another way to deal with owls is to give them bait that has been poisoned. The bait can be chicks or small mice.

Some other causes of diseases that cause swallow nests to be damaged and reduce the quality of crops are:

  • The pet swallow’s nest is dirty due to the hatchery’s harvest. Diseases in the nest of pet swallows foul because by the time the swallow eggs hatch, the eggshells stick to the nest.
  • Dirty nest due to harvest. At the time of collecting the nest, at the same time the pet swallow is in the feather loss season, causing the disease in the bird’s nest to be contaminated with the feather of the pet swallow.
  • Diseases in the nest of dirty house swifts are caused by dirty media on the fins. This can happen because the material used as the middle of the fin uses wood which easily releases water. The result is that the nest attached to the wood will change color. In addition, if the fins used are made of cast iron, it can cause the nest to become contaminated with sand.
  • Diseases in the nest of pet swallows turning yellow are caused by ammonia contamination that comes from pet swallow droppings that collect on the bottom of the floor.

Well friends, those are some diseases that can attack the swallows and reduce the quality of the nests where the swallows are kept to create quality nests and have a high selling price, so the greatest care must be taken to avoid these various diseases. That is what the author can convey, I hope it is a quality vision, see you in the next article, thanks.

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