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As one of the most common types of pets, there certainly must be a few things that should have become a common condition that all cat owners should be aware of. One of the conditions to take into account is related to the cleanliness of the cat’s ears. The ears are a vital part to always be in a clean condition considering the size of a cat’s ear, which is also quite large. Here are some ways to clean cat ears that are good and right in the discussion below.

  1. Make sure the cat is in a happy mood.

The first step to take in how to manually clean a cat’s ears is to make sure and test first to get the cat in a happy mood. This is because many cats do not like to have their ears cleaned. With a happy frame of mind and gentle treatment, you can at least reduce the cat’s aversion to this ear-cleaning activity. (Also read: why cats do not want to eat)

  1. Drop the cleaning liquid into the ear.

After making sure the cat is calm, the owner can prepare an ear cleaning fluid that is used specifically for cats and can be obtained at a pet store or pet supply store. Drop the ear cleaner by tilting the cat’s head, making sure not to overdo it. (Also read: soft cushioning function in the cat’s paws)

  1. Do an ear massage

After pouring the liquid into the cat’s ear, the next step is to let the liquid enter the cat’s ear for approximately 20 to 45 seconds for the cleaning liquid to work. The cat can be gently massaged during this process to make it more comfortable and help clean the litter inside the cat more cleanly. (Also read: how to prevent cats from sleeping in the sand)

  1. Let the cat shake its head.

A cat given ear cleaner as one of the abnormal things in the cat’s ear will reflexively shake its head to get fluid out of the ear. In the process or method of cleaning the cat’s ears, let it happen naturally and this process is necessary so as not to keep putting pressure on the cat and give it a break before moving on to the next stage. (Also read: soft cushioning function in the cat’s paws)

  1. Ear slots cleaned with cotton.

The next step in how to manually clean cats ears is to clean unclean cat ear crevices by just giving them ear cleaning fluid. Before cleaning the cleft of the ear with cotton or gauze, the cotton or gauze should first be moistened with water or ear cleaning fluid. Gently clean the cleft of the ear and do not press too hard on the earwax because it can get inside. (Also read: how to prevent cats from sleeping in the sand)

  1. give gifts and love

Once the process is complete, the next step is to give a hadith in the form of affection for the cat to show empathy for having obeyed the owner’s orders to clean the cat’s ears. This manual cleaning method can be done without special tools. In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are several processes that can also be carried out, namely the suction method that requires special tools.

Those are some ways to clean cats ears manually, but they can still effectively clean the dirt contained in the ears.

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