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Various types of skin problems in cats can become common when you, as the owner, do not pay close attention to the situation, do not take good care of it, or even do not follow the advice to bathe the cat for a long time.

Of course, it will be a problem in itself, and one of the events that often occurs is scabies. And if you have been exposed to this common disease, then you, as an owner, need to take quick action by following how to treat oral mange in cats below.

1. Separate infected cats from others

When you have found some symptoms of skin diseases in cats that can also attack the mouth, you should immediately separate or isolate infected cats from other cats that may still be healthy.

And of course this is meant to prevent other cats from getting mange as well, because the transmission is quite fast, though not as fast as cat fungus. When you are still confused, you can first figure out the difference between mange and fungus in cats.

2. Avoid bad places to groom yourself

It is convenient that your beloved cat obtains goods or a suitable place as a place for its development, since if the environment is not maintained, it is clear that mange will easily infect or spread to other animals.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with grooming, perhaps you can follow several easy cat grooming methods at home that can make these pets grow well. And also recognize the function of grooming in cats for what and for what.

3. Washing grooming tools

Not only provide a clean grooming spot, but also separate and maintain tools used for grooming infected cats so they are kept clean and washed regularly. The main thing is a place to eat and various other tools such as cages, combs, brushes, etc.

But if the tool or toy is used specifically for the cat, it would be better and would still need to be cleaned. So that pets that can be trained can still be kept in good health.

4. Use special shampoo

When mange has occurred in cats, the cat should be bathed regularly, at least once a week. And the shampoo used is not arbitrary, it must contain sulfur or sebasol, you can find this at the pet store closest to your area.

Recommendations to give this shampoo to cats for 10-15 minutes a week. And normally the routine use and process like this is done for at least 1 or 2 months to ensure the cleaning of the mites in the cat’s body.

5. Inject mange in cats

Because the incidence of mange is indoors, it is quite impossible for your cat to use an ointment or oil that is usually applied to the part of his body where he is infected with mites.

The step that is considered effective in treatment besides cleansing the body is to use a mange injection, which is an easy but expensive way to treat oral mange in cats.

That’s because this last step of treatment cannot be done independently, it must be done with the help of a veterinarian who is an expert in treating problems like this. They also understand the severity of the incident, so what kind of medication adjustments are needed.

But before that, there are some side effects of mushroom injections in cats that need to be considered. When you know, you may not be surprised or panicked when something strange happens to your cat in the future.

Causes of oral mange in cats

Actually, for the appearance of oral mange in cats, there are not many causes, there are only 2 main points. The first incident was clearly caused by mites, while the second was transmission from other cats. Here is the full explanation.

Well, these mites themselves come from environmental conditions that are not well maintained, especially cleanliness. Maybe you can spot it from the cage or it could be a comb that is commonly used in how to treat medium Persian cats or other types.

Because it occurs in the mouth, it may be that the mites settle in the cat’s food bowl or it may be that trying to scratch other parts of the body and the mites spread to the cat’s mouth.

Another cause is infection from other cats, maybe when you don’t clean it thoroughly, maybe this is what will happen to cats. More and more will be exposed to scabies.

Of course, this is necessary and very important to avoid, especially those in a group of one or more of them classified as the most expensive cat in the world. It’s a shame if you get scabies.

There are several ways to treat oral mange in cats and the causes of these skin problems in your beloved cat. Of course, you will be more alert and able to apply the correct steps in treatment and prevention early.

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