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Fish farming is a hobby activity that has been growing for a long time and is in demand by many people. There are two ways to keep fish according to their place, namely aquariums and ponds, which of course not only give satisfaction to the owner of the fish, but can also provide more value where the aquarium or pond is located. Keeping aquarium and pond fish certainly has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. The following is an explanation of the advantages of keeping fish in a pond that should be carefully considered, especially when compared to keeping fish in an aquarium in the explanation below.

  1. You can keep fish with large sizes.

The first advantage that a fish pond has compared to an aquarium is that its capacity can be more spacious, so there are many large fish that can be kept compared to a limited aquarium. With a larger area, large fish can also develop and live better and more freely than when they have to be kept in an aquarium. (Also read: how to keep koi fish in a pond at home)

  1. Provides a better aesthetic appearance.

The benefits or advantages of having fish in ponds that many people understand is not due to a hobby or liking for fish entirely, but they really want to get a more aesthetic appearance when there is a pond made in the garden. Having a pool in the backyard will make the open space look more alive and can certainly provide a coziness effect. (Also read: how to maintain koi fish pond water sanitation)

  1. Cheaper and easier to do.

Another advantage that a fish pond has compared to an aquarium is related to the costs that must be incurred for its manufacture. Fish ponds can be made yourself at a lower cost compared to aquarium ponds because they have to be ordered from glass manufacturing, which is also quite expensive. (Also read: types of aquaculture containers in fisheries)

  1. Easier to interact with fish.

An open top fish pond will certainly provide a direct interaction space without glass partitions between humans and fish compared to an aquarium pond. Fish ponds with more interactions will give a calming effect and a sense of satisfaction, especially for children because they can add to their play space at home. (Also Read: Causes of Foamy Koi Pond Water)

  1. The maintenance process is easier.

With the condition of the pond being completely open at the top, it gives the advantage of an easier maintenance and cleaning process compared to an aquarium. The presence of moss growth in fish ponds is also less visible than in an aquarium made entirely of glass. Aquariums also require more frequent cleaning than fish ponds. (Also read: how to keep koi fish in concrete)

  1. It gives a natural and fresh effect on the home page.

Both aquariums and ponds can provide more value to indoor conditions where the two places to keep fish are located. However, for fish ponds, there are natural effects and cooler temperature conditions at home that can certainly increase home comfort.

Those are some explanations about the advantages of keeping fish in a pond that should be taken into account because it can be one of the considerations to build a pond in the garden.

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