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6 Benefits of Angora Fish Oil for Cats
Fish oil is a health supplement that has many health benefits for the body. The main content in the form of omega-3 is necessary for maintaining health, but unfortunately the body itself cannot produce it.

Therefore, it needs to be ingested from the outside either by consuming fish directly or through supplements such as fish oil. There are many benefits of fish oil for the human body ranging from heart health, eyes health, skin health, liver fat reduction, etc.

It turns out that not just for humans, fish oil is also good for cats to consume, which is one of the most popular types of pets. Fish oil containing omega-3 can help the health of various types of cats, including the Angora cat, which is very popular due to its beautiful appearance and attractive character. It would be very unfortunate if this pet became ill due to our negligence in caring for it. Therefore, it is very important to provide supplements, one of which is fish oil, so that your Angora cat stays healthy and avoids various diseases.

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So what are the benefits of fish oil for angora cats?

Fish oil containing omega-3 is very good for supporting Angora cat health. There are so many benefits to supporting your pet cat’s health. Here are 6 benefits of Angora fish oil for cats:

1. Prevent cats from various diseases.

The role of omega-3 in fish oil is very good in supporting the health of Angora cats from the heart, brain, mental health, muscle, etc. Taking this supplement regularly will help maintain the cat’s health and prevent various diseases.

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2. Help the healing process of kidney disease in cats

If your pet Angora cat has kidney problems and is in the healing stage, it is recommended to take fish oil so that the recovery process is faster.

3. Good for cat hair health

By diligently consuming fish oil, your Angora cat’s coat will be thicker, shinier, more beautiful and will not fall off easily. Also read: how to care for an angora cat so that its fur does not fall out

4. Sufficient nutritional needs of the cat

Giving cats fish oil can help meet their nutritional needs, especially the body’s need for omega-3s. Cats also become healthier both physically and mentally.

5. Reduce or minimize the development of cancer cells

Cats can also get cancer just like humans. To prevent and minimize cancer cells, the intake of fish oil is highly recommended.

6. Maintain the balance of cholesterol levels in the cat’s body

Just like humans, LDL (bad cholesterol) levels that are too high in a cat’s body are also not good and can cause various diseases. Giving fish oil regularly can help increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels and lower LDL levels in the body.

So how many doses of fish oil can be given to cats? For daily care, you can give Angora cats fish oil once a week up to 1-2 grains, depending on the cat’s body weight and age.

pretty clear right? With the various Angora cat fish oil benefits mentioned above, feel free to give this supplement to your Angora cat. With the right care and love, your pet will grow up healthy and happy.

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