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6 Causes of Sudden Catfish Death and How to Overcome It

Catfish is a type of fish that is widely consumed. Therefore, the number of catfish farmers is increasing day by day. Because catfish is in high demand in the market, many are looking for this business. Maybe you are one of them who wants a good income. This catfish business is the right answer for those of you who are looking for additional rupee opportunities.

However, whenever you farm, of course, the owner always bears a certain risk, be it big or small. Due to the cultivation of this catfish, most of the cases that occur are many that die suddenly. There are so many causes of catfish dying suddenly and how to overcome them. This is how it will be conveyed in this article.

Catfish dying have a cause, it’s just that most people don’t know what causes it. Here are some of the causes of death for your catfish and ways to overcome them.

Causes of Sudden Catfish Death and How to Overcome It

Poison Poisonous Substance

One of the causes of catfish dying suddenly is due to the presence of toxic substances in the pond. This can even cause many catfish to die, not just one or a few given the effect of toxic substances in the pond which can kill instantly in large numbers. If this is the case, it is not impossible that you will experience a great loss.

Toxic substances in ponds are usually caused by food residues that settle in the pond. The solution, be diligent in cleaning your catfish pond, even if it is heavy, ask someone else to clean it. If you are not diligent in cleaning the pond, the catfish will be in worse shape. (Also read: Catfish feeding ban)


Toxic substances in other pools are not only caused by food, but also by the influence of drugs that contain or carry chemicals such as pesticides. Also, if the pond’s water source comes from rivers or irrigation canals that are also used by farmers. So, indirectly, many medicines for rice or fertilizers for plantations contain pesticides.

The solution is to build your own catfish pond with your own pond water source, either diesel water or other methods, as long as you don’t drain the rice fields. And also pay attention to the administration of medicine for your catfish culture, if after giving the medicine you can drain the water.

Extremely sudden changes in the pH of the water

The pH of the water is something that should concern you, at the beginning of the pH pool it must be conditioned in such a way that it can meet the ideal requirements for the development and growth of catfish. The cause of the change in the pH of the water in a fairly short time is the first rain that falls on the pond.

The solution is to immediately replace the pool water, which can be partially done. It would be even better if you replace the pool water with a diesel engine. (Also read: Reasons to classify catfish on time)

Pool water temperature too hot

Another cause of sudden catfish death that you should know is that the temperature of the pool water is too high. Keep the pool water temperature in a fairly ideal range, starting at 25-30 degrees Celsius. This is because catfish seeds are very sensitive to heat. So it will cause the catfish to start to get stressed and decrease their appetite. In addition to digestion, the body’s metabolism will also not work properly, and in the end, you risk the catfish suddenly dying.

The solution is to install a plastic tarp to prevent direct sunlight from entering the pool water. Another way to do this is by using water hyacinth plants which can be a protector for catfish. Even with the water hyacinth plant, another function is to host a number of microorganisms that can become a natural food source for catfish.

Inappropriate in terms of management.

Another problem that causes catfish to die suddenly has to do with poor management arrangements. Why? Because it is the same as not agreeing to the correct rules or procedures, such as applying inappropriate catfish farming rules. So that will result in slow growth of the catfish or even death.

The way to overcome this is to learn the proper management of catfish farming. Also, try to learn about good catfish. (Also Read: How To Adjust Density During Catfish Hatchery)

Vaccination not performed

Catfish vaccination is very important to increase immunity, which will not be susceptible to disease. Generally, the vaccine that is given in the market is of the Aeromonas type. However, there are still quite a few that have not vaccinated catfish. So it is not impossible if catfish that are not vaccinated can suddenly die. The solution, vaccinate the catfish regularly.

That is 6 causes of sudden death of catfish and how to treat them that you need to know to make your catfish more successful because they can prevent sudden death of fish. I hope it is useful.

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