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Oxfrogs are a type of frog that can be eaten by certain people who are not prohibited from eating frogs. In the cultivation process, in order to produce eggs that have been fertilized by male sperm, the spawning process must be carried out properly and correctly. The spawning technique will determine the mating outcome of the bullfrog. The following are some beginner cattle frog spawning techniques that should be carefully considered to support a bountiful harvest of bullfrogs.

  1. natural technique

The first technique that can be used to raise bullfrogs as part of the farming process is to use natural techniques. This natural method is done by first separating the male and female breeders for about 1-2 days. After separating, the two broodstock are placed in a spawning pond and left for the spawning process to take place naturally when the female broodstocks have produced potential oxfrog eggs. (Also read: high-protein animal feed ingredients)

  1. artificial rain

The technique of using artificial rain remains the same as the traditional cow frog spawning technique for beginners. Artificial rain is used to help the spawning process take place more effectively. How to make artificial rain is quite simple, that is, spray water from above into the spawning pond at the right time, that is, in the morning or in the evening. Making artificial rain requires enough experience to be most effective, so it’s best to keep experimenting even if there aren’t maximum results from the cattle frog spawning process. (Also read: Cursed Fish Farming)

  1. earth bund

Similar to the technique of using artificial rain, the soil embankment method is also part of the traditional cattle raising process. The embankment soil technique is done by placing soil or earth in the middle of a pond that has been planted with grass and tales. The embankment in the middle of the pond is used as a resting place and a place where the male and female frogs can more comfortably distinguish each other so that the spawning process is successful. (Also read: how to grow fish in ponds)

  1. Increase the number of spawning ponds.

The following technique is actually a way that beginners can do to get a better spawn percentage. Increasing the number of spawning ponds with more breeders will also increase the chances of a successful spawning process being higher. (Also read: guppies cultivation)

  1. Increase the number of breeders in a pond

The next method, which is also a beginner cowfrog spawning technique, is to increase the number of breeders in a pond. This method is the same as pool multiplication but it is more efficient because it does not require many pools. Although they are animals, there is a risk that must be taken, namely the fight between fellow males in a pool. (Also read: how to have lizards at home)

  1. competition technique

The competition technique is the next method that can be taken by novice cattle frog breeders, which is not too complicated, although it does need experience so that the success rate is high. This technique is done by attracting male and female spawners in a 2 to 1 ratio. More males will trigger competition for females so that the spawning process can occur faster.

Those are some cattle frog spawning techniques for beginners that can be done because in theory it is not too complicated. Although simple and traditional, the success of using the above technique is highly dependent on the experience you have.

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