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Fish is one of the pets that has become a hobby in the community since ancient times and until now it has grown with various types of fish that can be kept. Fish farming can be done in aquariums or fish ponds, which of course have their respective advantages. Many aquariums are the choice of a place to store because they are practical and easy to move, can beautify the appearance of the interior of the house, more able to see the movement of fish inside. However, there are some drawbacks to keeping fish in an aquarium that should be noted in the explanation below compared to fish ponds.

  1. The size of fish that can be kept is limited.

One of the drawbacks that aquariums have compared to ponds is their limited capacity. The fish in the aquarium are of course small in size, and for a large size they certainly cannot accommodate fish in larger numbers than the pond. This size fits the advantages of an aquarium that can be easily moved compared to a pond. (Also read: how to keep arowana fish)

  1. The treatment process is more complicated.

Aquarium maintenance is one of the things that also makes it disadvantageous compared to ponds. Aquariums are considered more complicated to maintain because they have to clean all the glass of moss that may grow. In addition, the cleaning frequency of the aquarium is also shorter compared to a pond that can be left for a long time without having to be cleaned. (Also read: why do koi fish die in aquariums)

  1. The manufacturing price is more expensive.

Another disadvantage of keeping fish in an aquarium is related to the cost and the manufacturing process which is considered more complicated than that of the pond. The costs incurred to make an aquarium are also considered to be higher than making a pond because the aquarium needs to be purchased in glass making, which is quite expensive compared to a pond that you can make yourself. (Also read: tips for keeping fish in a mini aquarium)

  1. It has a high risk of damage.

Behind the advantages of being easy to move, the aquarium has the disadvantage that the risk of damage is quite high compared to the pond. Aquariums are more easily damaged because the material is glass, especially when the glass used is of lower quality than the pool that is usually made of cement. The existence of this risk of damage should cause aquarium owners to be careful and choose thicker glass with the consequence of a higher price. (Also read: how to determine the correct aquarium water parameters for arowana keeping)

  1. Limited fish movement

One of the other drawbacks that the aquarium has is that the movement of the fish in it is limited compared to the pond. This condition makes the aquarium not really suitable for fish that have many colonies and have agile movements like one of the koi fish. Forcing these fish to live in an aquarium will certainly have a negative effect on the quality of the fish. (Also read: how to deal with lack of oxygen in fish)

  1. You need a lot of accessories to help the fish live

Another drawback of the aquarium is the many accessories that must be added to it in order to have a good capacity to keep the fish growing and alive. Additional accessories, of course, also increase the burden on the operating costs of the aquarium.

Those are some explanations about the disadvantages of keeping fish in an aquarium compared to a fish pond that fish hobbyists should pay attention to.

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