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6 efforts to save monkeys from extinction

Monkeys are members of primates consisting of 264 species and live scattered around the world. Unlike apes, monkeys have smaller tails. Other than that, another difference lies in the way the two work. Apes have longer arms, so they walk on both legs, while monkeys walk on both legs and arms. Monkeys live in trees as well as on the ground or land. This life form is known as semi-terrestrial.

That is the basic difference between monkeys and apes. And as an additional fact, that orangutans are a type of great ape. We hope that this information can help you distinguish between these two animals so that you do not mistakenly recognize them. Besides that, the difference between the two can be felt by the intelligence of his brain. Currently several research groups have trained monkeys so that they learn to be able to use various tools to help them obtain food.

Furthermore, monkeys are also often trained to help humans in their daily work. The type of monkey that often interacts with humans is the long-tailed monkey. So as humans, it is appropriate that we recognize and understand tips on how to care for long-tailed monkeys.

However, aside from the above reasons, monkeys also often interact with humans through various activities. Among them, monkeys are used as laboratory animals and also as circus animals. With so many incidents, it makes battered monkeys. Not even some of them were forcibly captured from their habitat. Not least, the impact of this activity will cause the death of a large number of monkeys.

Not only that, conversion of monkey habitat to forest is happening more and more. Where the location was originally a forest converted into a plantation. And also the trade in animal meat, including monkey meat, will be very threatening. Another example is the increasing frequency of forest fires. Where it happened recently in Riau and Kalimantan.

This incident is of course very damaging, in the sense that some animals no longer have a suitable place to live. Not a few of the impacts from this wildfire incident resulted in various animals, including monkeys, falling victim to the fire and being found dead. Of course, if this continues, the monkeys will experience a species decline and be in danger of extinction.

Therefore, various efforts are currently underway to conserve the monkeys in order to protect the species and its habitat from extinction. The type of jumpsuit that is also usually had is the beach jumpsuit. As with long-tailed monkeys, beach monkeys also need proper care and here are some tips for caring for beach monkeys. So what other efforts can be made to preserve and maintain this species? Here is the review:

1.Improve Tourism

It is undeniable that monkeys can be very entertaining with their funny behavior. So one of the efforts to keep the monkeys sustainable is to make efforts to increase tourism in an area that is a monkey habitat, which of course is accompanied by not overexploiting their habitat and letting them live freely. In this way, the monkeys are expected to have more value in the wild.

If managed properly, this increase in tourism will also provide benefits and help the economy of the surrounding community. Where it will be seen more and more that the wealth of animals is the most valuable treasure. Biodiversity may also emerge, making the area even more valuable.

2. Improve public awareness

We must protect the living beings around us. Various communities of wildlife lovers are increasingly socializing to grow and raise public awareness of the importance of preserving monkeys.

In addition, this socialization activity also prioritizes education in which positive behavior towards wild animals, especially monkeys, should be prioritized. Where empathy is very necessary to be instilled in each of us to be able to appreciate the presence of other living beings.

3. Overcome various dangerous threats

In an effort to conserve the monkeys, various wildlife-loving communities and themselves must make various efforts to overcome the threats that endanger the monkeys. Both habitat protection and the threat of various diseases that monkeys can suffer. Based on these good intentions, various communities have taken the form of establishing a special wildlife conservancy.

Where this activity is expected to be a forum for various wildlife protection activities including monkeys. In addition, this conservation will also periodically monitor the illegal activities that the monkeys usually do such as objects that are damaged.

4. Sign petitions and donations to protect wildlife

Many things can be done in an effort to conserve monkeys. An equally important effort is to sign a petition to support communities in conservation efforts. With this petition, it is possible to boycott several irresponsible people who damage the monkey’s habitat and population.

Furthermore, it is also appropriate to collect donations on a regular basis to support this conservation. The donation is expected to contribute to facilitating the activities carried out in the care and provision of adequate places and food for the monkeys that are protected or in the recovery stage.

5. Make a ban

To make a ban in this case is to write a ban on hunting monkeys on a board placed in an animal protection area. Although classified as a small action, if done strictly it will produce good results. In some areas, this action has been taken to protect the pride wildlife of their respective regions. And also on the ban board accompanied by criminal threats if illegal hunting activities continue.

6. Population development

What is also often done in animal captivity is population development, which can be achieved by artificial mating of animals with human assistance. Although this is rarely done with monkeys, at least population development in this way can be increased and is also included in conservation efforts.

The role of veterinarians and authorities is expected to take action in this activity. Where the mating behavior and mating period of the monkeys really need to be studied so that the human assisted mating process or commonly known as artificial insemination can work well.

Based on the monkey conservation efforts that can be made, it is hoped that there will be awareness that the forest, which is the habitat of various animals including monkeys, is not just a decoration for the land. However, it is an inseparable part of our lives. Where life will continue with a symbiotic relationship of mutualism.

This mutualistic symbiotic relationship is also expected to improve the ecosystem in the forest, so that all animals, including monkeys, get a suitable place to breed. Also learn how proboscis monkeys survive in the wild and some ways to care for proboscis monkeys, as well as how to preserve the little-known birds of paradise.

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