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Goats are one of the most common types of livestock owned by villagers. This animal is an alternative option with a light standard size for breeding, the price is of course much cheaper compared to cows. Although it will be a bit expensive compared to a chicken. Goats you meet in everyday life, and even almost every day too. When raising any animal, you have to be very good at taking care of it properly so that it grows big and fat quickly. The ingredients for Fattening Goats are tips that you can apply if you have problems with the weight of the goat.

It’s not just about goats, there are plenty of other tips regarding cattle that have been transported previously. Among them are tips on how to minimize chicken deaths and many others. In addition, how to choose laying hens was also mentioned, which is a reminder that in raising cattle, you must be able to choose quality cattle, because this will affect the subsequent harvest. So, as with goats, you have to be smart about choosing the best types as seeds.

In fact, many problems have befallen farmers, ranging from poor animal conditions to goats dying from death or poisoning. This, of course, was not known to the breeders at first and, moreover, it was not on purpose either. Perhaps if you have problems such as skinny goats or with difficulty eating, the following tips on how to fatten a goat can be heard.

A concoction on how to fatten up a goat that you can make by giving it herbs. The level of appetite in goats is relatively different, that is, there are times when a sick or unhealthy goat eats differently than a healthy or normal goat. The level of the goats’ diet can also be caused by the level of palatability of the feed and also by the condition of the cattle themselves. Types of normal goats with other goats may experience differences, ranging from the forage feed you can give them including elephant grass, cassava leaves, some eat voraciously but others are not necessarily like that.

There are as many types of herbs as there are ingredients that have been sold and you find in the market, you can buy them and feed them to livestock. However, if you are still not sure which product is right for your cattle to be healthy and have a big appetite, you can go to the nearest doctor or veterinarian. However, giving the drug long-term will be problematic for the breeder and if it takes a long time it will not be good either. As well as being a time hassle, of course, it will also be busy on your pocketbook. One of the best tips is to do it yourself. Here’s how to make a goat fattening potion that you can make yourself at home:

saffron colored rice

How to make kencur rice is not very difficult, that is, wash the rice first, and then soak it in water for 1 hour. After that, reserve the rice and boil the tamarind, granulated sugar, brown sugar and ginger with water until boiling. Wait for it to cool down and strain the water, set aside. Continue to wash the fresh kencur, peel the skin and cut it into pieces. Drain the soaking water from the rice, then mix the rice, kencur, and boiled sugar water until smooth. Strain the kencur herbal rice. Then squeeze the blender grounds until completely dry and feed it to the goat.

taro leaves

If you hear taro leaves, think that this is enough for humans not to eat them. Of course, but it can be a potion that can be given to goats. Take 3 pieces of taro leaves and 3 tablespoons of table salt, boil for 15 minutes. Ripe leaves are used for each goat, which is drunk when cold or given only the leaves. Or perhaps the benefits of noni pulp for laying hens can be tried to give to goats.

aromatic ginger

As well as being effective and suitable as an ingredient for livestock such as goats, this herbal plant is also used and often fed to birds. This is as stated in the benefits of kencur for Murai Batu. The trick is to grate 1 ounce of fresh kencur and mix it with 1 chicken egg yolk. This herbal concoction is given once every 3 days until the goat’s feeding conditions are normal.


The trick is to grate 2 cucumbers, mix them with table salt, tamarind, shrimp paste and enough water. It can be given to goats with a dose only once in three days, to obtain the optimal effect.

buni leaves

Take 5 pieces of buni leaves, thumb-sized galangal, shrimp paste and salt to taste, grind until smooth and then add with enough water. This concoction will be made by squeezing and filtering the water and giving it to 2 goats.

durian leaves

5 pieces of durian leaf sprouts, 5 pieces of dadap serep leaves, shrimp paste and salt to taste are needed, then all these ingredients are crushed. A little water is added and squeezed, then this juice is given to 2 goats.

If these six tips are not helpful, you can try feeding fermented food. For more details, you can listen to how to make goats love to eat fermented food.

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