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Many kinds of beautiful birds are popular in the world, one of which is Cendrawasih. What are the facts about Cendrawasih birds? Certainly quite a few, and they will be mentioned here. Birds of paradise are members of the family Paradisaeidae or part of the order Passeriformes. They are found in eastern Indonesia, the Torres Strait Islands, Papua New Guinea, and also in eastern Australia.

Bird members of this family are known to have many types of male plumage, especially the highly elongated and complex feathers that grow from the beak, wings, or head. The size of Cenderawasih birds range from the 50 gram 15 cm King Cenderawasih to the 110 cm Black-crested Cenderawasih and the 430-gram Curly-crested Manukod Cenderawasih, as already mentioned.

There is a way to preserve the Bird of Paradise so that you keep its existence alive by flying freely. Judging from the body, not only is the shape unique, but the color pattern is also very beautiful, making the Cendrawasih known to be dignified and highly sought after. Maybe you are one of the enthusiasts in keeping it, there are steps and tips to grow Birds of Paradise for beginners that have been mentioned.

In general, the Cenderawasih’s striking coat color is usually the result of a combination of several other colors, such as black, brown, orange, yellow, white, blue, red, green, and purple. This bird is most beautiful with the presence of unique, elongated feathers growing from the beak, wings, or even the head.

In addition to being popular for its beauty, there are many facts about the birds of paradise that you should know. However, usually for a bird of paradise with beautiful feathers, it is a male, and the beauty of this feather is the capital of a male bird of paradise to attract the attention of females during the breeding season. In addition to showing off the beauty of his feathers, the Cenderawasih male even performs attractive movements such as a dynamic and beautiful dance to capture the attention of the female.

Aside from birds of paradise, other similar bird articles you can read are about the types of cassowaries you should know about. However, the most important thing here is to know what the facts are about the birds of Cendrawasih.

Interesting facts about birds of paradise

had become a commercial product

Because it was so beautiful, this bird of paradise was named the Birds of Paradise by the British who previously did not believe in the existence of these birds. Even the bird of paradise had become a gift to kings in 1522 after Europeans recognized its existence.

The interesting fact about this bird is that it became a commercial product in the late 19th and early 20th centuries because it became a trend to decorate women’s hats in Europe. Don’t forget to also know about the captive method of the Javan eagle, which is no longer in the population now.

Habitat for Birds of Paradise

Then for information on other birds of paradise, namely the habitat, where this bird can be found in eastern Indonesia, such as the islands in the Torres Strait and Papua, Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia. Of the 41 species of Cendrawasih in Indonesia, 37 of them live in Papua. As for its natural habitat in dense forests in the lowlands.

Popular in the West due to TV shows

One of the most impressive and interesting things, that the bird of paradise was first popular in the West in 1996. This popularity was thanks to a TV show. For its part, in the list of animals in the movie The Lion King, the bird generation is represented by ZazĂș (hornbill bird).

Have a marriage ritual

Male birds of paradise have brightly colored feathers and also perform ritual dances that are used to attract the attention of the female. The male Cendrawasih dance is spectacular because it is able to show the flexibility of its feathers and the shape of the body, which further emphasizes the beauty of its coat color. The male Cendrawasih is also always serious in preparing for the dance ritual. They are even seen cleaning their beaks and the environment around their nests to make them the stage for ritual dances.

Protected Animals

It is not surprising that the bird of paradise is a protected animal. These are data from him, due to the large amount of poaching from people who want to have them so that the birds of paradise are protected. And here we tell you how to take care of the proboscis monkeys, one of the animals that has now also begun to be protected.

body size

The bird of paradise has a fairly long body size of 110 cm and has a crescent-shaped black beak. Meanwhile, the smallest bird of paradise is the king of paradise with an average length of 15 cm. It is different with the heaviest bird of paradise, which is the Maukod Jambul type with a length of 430 grams.

Getting to know a bird is really an interesting thing, especially when the singing mania is increasing, that is, bird lovers are more and more. It’s just that birds of paradise may not be like other songbirds, easy to sell and find in trade. There are so many kinds of birds besides paradise that you can make as pets. One of them is the tortoise tortoise, you can listen to how to raise the tortoise tortoise for beginners and there are many other types of birds that can be had.

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