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In the process of maintaining the magpie as one of the most widely bred bird species, there are several steps and efforts that every bird owner must take to maintain the health condition of the bird. One of the efforts that can be made is to provide vitamins that are special for birds. Here are some types of vitamins to keep stone magpie healthy and always avoid various forms of health problems in the explanation below.

  1. probiotics

Probiotics are a type of multivitamin that is good for the health of the bird’s body. Probiotics are widely used as supplements or feed additives to maintain bird health during the rainy season with uncertain climatic and environmental conditions. Probiotics contain good bacteria that can help maintain digestive health in birds and increase the body’s resistance so they are suitable as a kind of vitamin for birds in the rainy season, including stone magpies so they are always in healthy conditions. (Also read: how to make vitamins for ornamental fish)

  1. Vitamin C

Just like humans, vitamin C is a kind of vitamin to keep stone magpie healthy and not prone to various kinds of certain diseases. Vitamin C for stone magpies is available in various packaging forms and different brands, but functionally and has the same use, which can help boost stone magpie’s immune system from within. (Also read: how to make vitamins for lovebirds)

  1. lizard tail

Lizard tail is a type of food widely known by bird owners and lovers as an immune booster. Lizard tails are also often used as food to help warm the body during the rainy season so it doesn’t cause certain health problems. The use of lizard tails is usually given to lovebirds, but it is also possible that it is beneficial for stone magpies as well. (Also read: vitamins for sick cats)

  1. herbal ingredients

In addition to being able to use various types of bird care products to keep your birds healthy always, you can also make herbal concoctions that naturally have fewer side effects. One of the herbal ingredients that is widely used to increase the stamina and maintain the health of stone magpies is ginger. (Also read: vitamins for birds in the rainy season)

  1. vitamin b complex

The next type of vitamin to keep the stone magpie healthy is vitamin B complex. The B complex is necessary in the metabolic processes and chemical activities that occur in the body of the stone magpie so that it can maintain good health status. of the bird even during the rainy season. Vitamin C and vitamin B complex can be given to birds in a single preparation, which is widely available in various brands of bird vitamins that can be purchased at pet stores. (Also read: the benefits of B vitamins for dogs)

  1. Fish oil

The last type of vitamin that can also help maintain the health status of the stone magpie is always in a healthy state and not easy to experience various forms of problems is fish oil. Fish oil can be obtained from pharmacies and is intended to boost the body’s immune system.

Those are some kinds of vitamins to keep murat stone healthy that every bird owner should pay attention to and understand in the process of care and maintenance.

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