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Most of you are probably already familiar with this animal. Although rare and not often found in various places, this animal often appears on television shows in real terms or perhaps just as a form of visual animation. For the curious, you can find this animal in the zoo that provides it.

For the mammals of the order Pholidota, this is famous for its technique of rolling to protect itself, more details can be found in the article on pangolins. Because the back of his body is tougher, it’s pretty safe to defend in a circle.

In addition to being in captivity, it is not uncommon for people to keep this unique animal. Maybe you are one of them, but still confused about what kind of pangolin food to feed him. If you’re curious and want to know, you can immediately watch the full discussion below.

1. Ants

Ants are the main food in the maintenance of pangolins, as this type of insect is in fact one of the favorites of animals that can be said to be quite extinct. In addition, for these animals it is also very easy to get, where you just put sweet food, then it comes immediately.

However, due to the huge appetite for pangolins, you have to be extra to get ants. However, there is no need to worry, because there are several breeders that you can trust for your pangolin food supply.

Or maybe there is an initiative in making ktoro cattle yourself, so that you can satisfy pangolins with food properly and, of course, more efficiently. But first you need to pay attention to how Kroto wins with cardboard media, consider the obstacles in Kroto breeding to find out how to speed up Kroto egg laying.

2. Other insects

Not just ants, because pangolins are insectivores, they can also eat various other types of insects. Some of the other types of insects that can be given are flies, termites or maybe others.

As long as you can get bugs for your pet pangolins, you can give them a try. If it is eaten, then the food is felt to be quite adequate to meet the necessary needs.

But still, for the most recommended and easy to get, it’s like in the first point. It is necessary to identify the following types of ants in order to better understand and be able to learn more about the ant species in the world.

3. Bird food

Some keepers have tried giving their pet pangolins bird food, and it turned out they ate it too. Therefore, it can be said that bird food is actually not that bad for the animal to eat. It is only for the dosage and the fulfillment of the nutritional needs that are missing. See also types of zebra finch feed additives.

4. Rice and Vegetables

Clearly this deviates quite a bit from the type of pangolin that falls under insectivores, because there really isn’t any insect element. However, this animal is also just like the others, who need to make adjustments to the environment around them to maintain their life.

If pangolins have been fed foods such as rice mixed with vegetables since they were small, then perhaps when they grow up they will get used to such foods. And maybe they are even oblivious to the insect food that should be the main food. Do not miss the talk about the benefits of broccoli for canaries.

5. Rice Bran + Corn Flour + Kroto

For those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of insects on pangolin feed, maybe you can use a combination like the one below. This was investigated by various observers, and it turns out that adult pangolins are quite capable of accepting such food.

It’s just that for a mixture of rice bran, corn flour and also Kroto, it is not recommended to be used as a main food, but only as an alternative alias as a side dish. When pangolins are used to insects, it is better to give them insect food more often so that their appetite does not decrease. Here’s how to increase a dog’s appetite.

6. Rice Bran + Corn Flour + Termites

This is almost the same as the previous point, and is suitable as an alternative food to pangolins. It’s just that this second alternative food combination is arguably more recommendable, because pangolins generally like termites, perhaps in terms of size and taste.

Therefore, the level of acceptance by this pet mammal is higher compared to other combinations. And for those of you who want to get termites easily, here are some ways to grow termites for beginners that you can do to multiply them. Therefore, there is no need to buy or look for pangolins as pets again.

Those are the various types of pangolin food that you can give to maintain health and meet the food needs of the animal. How, after knowing the various types of pangolin food, do you still want to keep it? Or maybe you want to know how to keep monitor lizards at home, or maybe how to keep an iguana at home.

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