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6 tips for choosing a cat cage for beginners
Keeping pets like cats is one of the hobbies that some people can do for inner satisfaction and other conditions.

Keeping animals like cats has become a lifestyle in itself and is a hobby that is currently very popular.

In the process of raising pets like cats, several things must be taken into account, such as food and cages. Here are some things or tips for choosing a cat cage that can be made to suit the conditions and needs.

  1. Choose a cage made of harmless materials

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a cage for a domestic cat is the main material in the manufacture of the cage. The selected cage must be made of materials that are not harmful to cats.

Choosing the type of crate that doesn’t pose a hazard can prevent unwanted conditions from occurring while the cat is in the crate. A kind of good cat cage material is made of aluminum with the characteristics of being strong, durable, lightweight and non-rusting. Selecting a cage that is not dangerous will certainly support some steps or ways to tame cats for us.

  1. Customize according to your needs

The next tip for choosing a cat cage that cat owners can pay attention to is to choose a cage that suits their needs. A cat cage intended for livestock is sure to be different from a cat cage needed in the breeding or mating process.

The cages that can be used for different purposes also differ from the needs of the two types of cages described above. Cat cages for animal husbandry are certainly larger than other cages. The need for a cage to treat a pampered cat may be a little different.

  1. The size of the cage must be adequate.

The size of the cage that each cat owns is certainly different from each other depending on the size and type of cat itself. Cats of large size and weight certainly need a cage with a larger area compared to a small cat. The proper size of the cage can surely make the cat always feel comfortable when in it and it can be one of the causes of the cat not wanting to eat.

  1. The base of the cage should make the cat feel comfortable

Another thing that every cat owner should pay attention to regarding the cage to be used is the condition that the base of the cage should be able to create comfortable conditions for the cat. The base of the cat cage should have a narrower but wider gap. Plastic is a good material for the base of the cage because it can be easily cleaned and does not cause pain when a cat steps on it.

  1. Easy clean cage

Another thing that should also be considered in the cage selection process is the ease of cleaning the cage. An easy-to-clean cage can certainly keep the cat comfortable and prevent various diseases, especially those caused by a dirty environment. Easy-to-clean cages are usually made with a few notches, as well as the presence of a weir at the bottom of the cage, and various other things. A dirty cage can trigger the appearance of the characteristics of a stressed cat.

  1. It is important to pay attention to the durability of the cage.

Paying attention to the durability of a cage to be purchased is important because usually a cat that is comfortable in a certain cage is difficult to move to another cage when the first cage is damaged. With a cage that has a durable construction, it can be the last choice of cage for house cats later on.

Those are some tips to choose a good and correct cat cage by paying attention to some of the things that have been mentioned and explained above. With a good and proper cage, the pet cat will also feel calm and comfortable to live in the cage, and there will be no signs of a depressed cat due to a wrong cage.

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