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In addition to cows, goats are a type of animal that is widely consumed for red meat and other parts of the community. The high number of needs for the consumption of goat meat means that goat farming is still widely practiced in the community, both on a family scale, especially in rural areas, and on a large scale. In the process of raising goats, the type of feed given to them greatly affects the growth and development of goats, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of the goats themselves. Here are some types of fodder for goats in the explanation below.

  1. gamal or teresede

The first type of fodder for goats is full of nutrients, namely, gamal or teresede. Teresa leaf is a type of feed that has a high protein, calcium and fiber content, making it very good to be used as a type of goat feed. The characteristics of teresede leaves can be recognized by their pungent odor that sometimes makes goats not get used to eating them. To overcome this, it can be handled by drying it. (Also read: how to raise goats successfully)

  1. Rubber Cassava Leaves

Other types of green leaves that are also good to use as goat feed are rubber yucca leaves. The hallmark of the rubber yucca is that its leaves are wide and thick, with a large stem but a small tuber with swollen roots. Rubber cassava is only used for its leaves, especially for animal feed because it does not produce large, edible cassava tubers. Rubber cassava leaves are high in protein, making them good for animal feed. (Also read: how to make vitamins for goats)

  1. calliandra

The next type of fodder for goats is calliandra. Calliandra is a type of plant that can be easily found in both highlands and lowlands and grows best in the rainy season but has strong resistance in the summer. Calliandra leaves and fruits can be used as feed for goats which are high in protein. (Also read: how to make fermented goat feed with em 4)

  1. mini elephant grass

Grass is a type of food that is undoubtedly the most common food fed to goats. Mini elephant grass or commonly known as odot grass has soft, hairless stems, so it is very easily digested by goats. This mini elephant grass can also be easily grown or planted and the results are plentiful, making it very easy to grow yourself or buy from vendors. (Also read: how to make goat feed)

  1. setaria grass

Setaria grass is also a type of grass that is good for feeding goats. Setaria grass has dark green leaves, smooth stems and has a purple-red color, the base of the stem is flat, and the leaves at the base are arranged in a fan shape. This herb is also good for animal feed and easy to grow. (Also read: tips to get started in goat farming)

  1. Indigovera

Indigo plants are classified as leguminous plants of the legume group and have special properties that are easy to grow into infertile plants. The leaves of this indigo plant also have a high protein content, making it very good to be used as quality goat feed.

Those are some types of goat fodder feeds that are full of nutrients and high in protein that can help in the growth and development of livestock goats so that they become one of the quality types of goats.

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