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Quail is a type of bird that is in high demand due to the eggs it produces. In addition to eggs, quail meat is also widely consumed. The high interest in quail eggs, the quail breeding process is done a lot. In order for the eggs from the quail farming process to be of good quality and abundant in number, the type of feed provided must be of good quality. Here are some types of high quality and high nutritional value laying quail feed in the explanation below.

  1. Corn

Corn is one of the most common types of food given to birds. Corn seeds have a good nutritional content and of course contain carbohydrates as a source of energy for the bird’s body. Yellow corn is a type of corn that is good for birds but has a higher price value. Although it contains many good nutrients, the use of corn kernels is usually mixed with other foods to make it profitable because the price is quite high. (Also read: how to care for quail)

  1. rice bran

The next type of food for laying quails that is also good and quality is rice bran. Rice bran or commonly known as bran is one of the waste products of rice processing to produce rice. Bran contains protein and an energy source for quail, but care should be taken when feeding it to young quail. This is due to the presence of crude fiber in rice bran which is difficult for quail to digest. Bran should not be stored for a long time because it has a high fat content that causes a rancid odor and lumps. (Also read: how to breed quail in a narrow area)

  1. Sorghum

Sorghum is not found in many areas because it is only found in certain areas. Sorghum has a higher protein content than corn and contains xanthophylls. Although rich in nutrients, sorghum contains antinutrients, namely tannins, which make it difficult for proper protein digestion. To overcome this, you should choose colorless sorghum because the more colored the sorghum, the higher the tannin content. (Also read: how to breed laying quail for beginners)

  1. bone meal

Bone meal can be made yourself from basic ingredients left over from slaughtering animals. How to make bonemeal is to boil the bones until slightly soft and cooked through, which are then dried and then ground into flour. The meal has a good nutritional content for feeding laying quails, such as calcium and phosphorus. Bone meal is only used as an additional feed mix for laying quail. (Also read: how to care for common quail 1 day)

  1. pollarded tree

In addition to rice bran, topping or wheat bran is also one of several types of feed for laying quail. Pollard contains nutrients such as protein, fat and crude fiber. Although the nutritional contribution is quite high, the use of pollarded should be limited due to the crude fiber content that can cause digestive disorders in quail. (Also read: Obstacles to raising quail)

  1. Cassava

Another type of feed that can also be used as food for laying quails is cassava. The metabolic energy content of cassava is almost the same as that of maize, but the protein is not too high. Cassava also contains antinutrients known as cyanogenic glycosides, especially bitter cassava species which should be avoided as quail feed.

Those are some types of quail laying feeds that breeders should consider because their high nutritional content can help produce more and higher quality quail eggs.

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