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The quail is a type of livestock bird that is kept in order to produce meat and quail eggs which until now have many devotees. Maintaining and carrying out the process of raising quail eggs, of course, you need to pay attention to several things that can prevent the quail from the dangers that exist, one of which is by using the vaccination process. Vaccination is a way to stimulate the formation of antibodies against certain diseases. Here are some types of quail vaccines in the explanation below.

The role of vaccination in quail

Before discussing more about the type of vaccine used in quail, an explanation of the role of vaccination must first be understood. Quail vaccination is still sometimes underestimated and considered unnecessary because the health of the birds can be maintained with clean cages. However, it turns out that vaccination is very important considering that the quail is a bird that has many dangerous diseases for humans, so with vaccinations and prevent birds from suffering from dangerous diseases. (Also read: how to care for quail)

Vaccination in quail can be done and may not depend on the needs and conditions. If the quail breeding area has a high risk of viral or bacterial diseases or there are quails that die suddenly due to infection, vaccination is highly necessary. Some types of vaccines for quail include:

  1. cholera Vaccine, The cholera vaccine is used as a way to prevent quail from getting cholera. Cholera is an infectious disease that occurs in the digestive tract and is caused by bacteria. (Also read: how to have quail at home)
  2. ND – AI vaccineThe ND – Al vaccine is administered by subcutaneous injection and is a combination type vaccine intended to provide immunity to ducks against ND or Newcastle disease (tetelo disease) and AI disease. (Also read: Obstacles to raising quail)
  3. H5N1 subtype AI vaccine. The transmission and effects of this H5N1 disease must be monitored so that it does not cause harm to quail or be transmitted to humans. The AI ​​subtupe H5N1 vaccine is given by injection to quail.
  4. La Sota ND vaccine, The Nd la Sota vaccine is a type of vaccine that is also used to prevent Newcastle disease and is a type of repeated vaccination as well as an option. As the vaccine of choice, of course, when this vaccine is administered, it is not necessary to administer other types of repeated vaccinations to quail. (Also read: how to breed laying quail for beginners)
  5. ND clone 45 vaccine, ND clone 45 vaccine is a type of quail vaccine used to strengthen the body’s antibodies to prevent Newcastle disease. Vaccines in the form of sprays or drops for the eyes and nose.
  6. ND Hitcher B1 vaccine The Hitcher B1 ND vaccine is one of the variants resulting from the development of the ND vaccine that is used to further strengthen quail antibodies in the prevention of ND or Newcastle disease and is a type of repeat vaccine. (Also read: how to farm quail on a small scale)

Here are some explanations about the types of quail vaccines that are helpful in maintaining bird health and preventing diseases in birds that can be contagious and dangerous to humans. Vaccination can be administered with the help of a more experienced vaccinator or farmer.

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