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Cats remain one of the most popular pets owned and cared for by cat lovers. As a cat owner, of course there is a care process that must be known and understood so that the cat’s condition is always good, without any problems, both physical and psychological. One of the things that can cause problems for cats is the smell that appears in the environment and they do not like, even those that cause cats not to consume certain foods. Here are some types of odors that cats don’t like in the explanation below.

  1. orange scent

Apart from being a dangerous type of food for cats because it can cause various forms of digestive disorders and nervous disorders, it turns out that the aroma that oranges give off is also one of the types of smells that cats do not like. Although the scent of orange or lime is often liked by humans and is used as an ingredient to repel unpleasant odors from humans, it turns out that smelling too strong can interfere with a cat’s strong odor. (Also read: how cats recognize their masters)

  1. Smoke

Smoke is a type of smell that cats do not like, including odors or odors that are very bothersome to humans. Smoke can come from various types of things such as smoking activities, fires, burning garbage, cooking conditions can also emit smoke. Smoke, like smoking smoke, will not only bother the cat, but it will also be one of the things that puts the cat at risk of developing cancer and other diseases. (Also read: Characteristics of a rabid cat)

  1. Menthol

Menthol is often used as an aromatherapy scent that can be refreshing to humans. It turns out that although it is pleasant and refreshing to humans, the smell of menthol is one of the smells that cats also dislike. The strong smell of menthol can make a cat irritated and uncomfortable in the respiratory tract and nose. The menthol smell can come from a number of things, such as aromatherapy oils, salicylic powder, balms, etc. (Also read: the effect of eucalyptus oil on cats)

  1. Fragrance

Human beings commonly use perfume or perfume to help maintain the freshness of body odor so that it does not have an unpleasant odor condition. The perfume is made from seeds which, of course, have a scent strong enough to cover the original human scent. The strong, pungent odor condition will be very disturbing to cats who have a keener sense of smell than humans. (Also read: how to deal with a scared cat)

  1. Air freshener

Air freshener is a type of scent used to remove unpleasant odors from the room. The smell of air freshener is certainly liked by humans but not by cats. The smell of air freshener is quite strong, just like perfume, it can disturb a cat’s condition because the smell is quite strong. (Also read: characteristics of a healthy cat)

  1. Chile

The last type of smell that cats do not like is the smell of chili. Chili has a strong aroma with a distinctive spicy sensation that can disturb a cat’s sense of smell. In addition to the chili smell, the onion smell is also quite strong for cats.

Those are some types of odors that cats do not like and should be considered by all cat owners so that a pet cat’s comfort is properly maintained.

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