this report discusses around 6 Use of coffee leaves for feeding ruminant animals as an alternative feed

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Animal feed is an important component that must be carefully considered by each breeder because it will influence the development and health conditions of livestock, especially ruminants. There are several types of alternative feeds for ruminant cattle that can be fed in addition to the main feed. One type of feed for ruminant animals is coffee leaves. The following is an explanation of the use of coffee leaves for feeding ruminant animals.

  1. Background

Coffee leaves are part of the coffee plant that has not been widely known for its benefits or used for anything. As one of the largest coffee producers in the world, there are many coffee leaves that are sometimes unused or unused in various coffee producing areas in Indonesia. Leaf pruning is one of the processes that must be carried out in the care of coffee plants. The abundance of coffee leaves must be used for other needs. (Also read: ruminant feed ingredients)

  1. Coffee leaves as an alternative food

The large amount of coffee leaves produced by the coffee plantations in the explanation above can be used as an alternative feed source for ruminant livestock whose farms are located around the coffee plantations. This alternative feeding is very good if you see that the amount of grass will decrease as you enter the dry season. (Also read: high-protein animal feed ingredients)

  1. nutritional content

Coffee leaves have a good nutritional and nutritional content as a quality feed alternative for ruminant animals. Some of the nutritional contents contained in coffee leaves include protein, calcium, crude fiber, crude fat which can help meet the needs of ruminant livestock. (Also read: Animal feed ingredients from agricultural waste)

  1. Benefit

The use of the coffee leaf for feeding ruminants has its own uses in addition to helping to cover the feeding needs of these cattle. Some other benefits of using coffee leaves as feed for ruminant animals include helping to utilize agricultural waste from coffee so that it does not accumulate, helping to save on the production process of ruminant livestock, and as an alternative feed to replace forage feed in certain crops. seasons that are hard to come by. (Also read: how to make fermented goat feed with em4)

  1. ways to do

Coffee leaves that have been produced from the pruning process must first be processed before being fed directly into ruminant feed. Making coffee leaves for animal feed begins with the wilting process to remove antinutrients like caffeine and reduce the unpleasant smell of coffee leaves. To make it easier for cattle to consume coffee leaves, it is better to make small chops or cuts by machine or manually with a cutter. (Also read: how to make fermented sheep feed)

  1. way to give

If the coffee leaves have been processed, the next process related to the pre-use of the coffee leaves for ruminant feed is to feed them to cattle. The feeding process must be considered because the cattle are not used to feeding with coffee leaves. Farm animals must be fasted first in order to consume the coffee leaves. Giving coffee leaves must be constant every day.

These are some explanations about the use of coffee leaves for ruminant feed that should be carefully considered by every breeder. Coffee leaves can be an alternative type of feed for ruminants and can reduce agricultural waste from coffee plantations.

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