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6 ways to beat worms in chicken eyes
Every livestock process that farmers undertake, including chickens, of course various types of problems can arise, whether they are tennis problems or problems that are directly related to the condition of the chickens.

One of the conditions that can trigger a major impact on the health of chickens if not managed properly is the appearance of worms in the eyes of chickens.

Chicken eye worms are a problem condition in the eye area caused by worms. Here are some ways to deal with eye worms in chickens that can be done by chicken farmers in the explanation below. (Also Read: How To Raise Bangkok Broilers)

Causes and Symptoms of Worms in Chicken Eyes

The condition of worms in chickens can be seen in the eyes and is caused by various things such as the result of viral or bacterial infections. Chickens that are infected by viruses or bacteria, and of course worms, are usually caused by conditions where chicken care is not done properly, feed provided does not meet nutritional needs, and also pests. around the chicken coop. Some of these things should always be kept in mind in the management system of chicken farms to avoid various health problems. (Also read: how to breed joper chicken)

In order to deal with chickens experiencing intestinal worms, the symptoms of the problem conditions in the chicken must first be understood. Symptom understanding is done so farmers know which chickens are problematic and which are not. Some symptoms of pinworms include eyes that are always being rubbed by chicken wings or feet, decreased chicken appetite, puffy eyes, unhappy behavior, and diarrhea. (Also read: how to raise odorless chickens)

How to beat worms in chicken eyes

After understanding the causes and some of the symptoms that occur in chickens, the next step that can be taken is to overcome the condition of worms in chicken which can of course worsen. Here are some ways to deal with intestinal worms in chicken eyes, including the following.

  1. Quarantine, After learning that the chicken has worms, the first step is to quarantine it to prevent transmission to other chickens and to focus on the treatment process.
  2. cage cleaningAll chickens, both infected and uninfected, should be removed from the cage but kept separate and after that the cage should be thoroughly cleaned and dried in direct sunlight.
  3. flooring material replacement, In addition to a thorough cleaning, the floor of the cage should also be replaced with a new one and then sprayed with a jodopor.
  4. take worms, the worms in the chicken eye can generally be seen directly visually, so it can be taken with tweezers carefully. (Also read: how to properly and correctly care for chicken pieces)
  5. creolinuse of eye drops can be made and dripped directly into the chicken’s eye with 5% creolin eye drops.
  6. Squeeze tobacco water, another way that is herbal is to use squeezed tobacco with water. (Also read: how to raise chicks correctly)

Those are some ways to treat intestinal worms in chicken eyes that can be done by chicken owners or breeders so as not to make the conditions more dangerous and unfavorable to the health of the chickens directly.

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