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6 ways to calculate the age of a rabbit

Rabbits are a kind of animal that is very cute and adorable. There are not a few people who like these long-eared animals. Rabbits are also commonly found in everyday life, such as in the local environment. Although their existence is still outnumbered by cats they are even found almost every day and at all times.

However, rabbits have many hobbyists who take good care of them. The thick fur makes lovers even more excited, and the price is not too high for people to want to have it. Unfortunately, even though you have a pet rabbit, there are still many who are confused about how to find out the age of their pet rabbit. So how to calculate the age of a Rabbit so you can know?

It is very important to know the age of the rabbit, which you can then use as a reference point for its productive period. The reason is as an example is the marriage of rabbits that have had their respective times to produce good and healthy offspring. Here are some ways that you can do to calculate the age of a rabbit. (Also Read: How To Breed A Rabbit Cross)

How to calculate the age of the rabbit

Use of general age categories

The first way to calculate the age of a rabbit is to use general age categories. Because these tips will give you how to start doing the evaluation correctly and most likely well. Rabbits are said to be still quite young if they are a maximum of 9 months to 4-5 years old, and old rabbits are 4-5 years old or older. While some rabbits have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

not assume in advance

The next step or path is to not assume that the rabbit’s age will be easy to tell. The age of a rabbit is very difficult to determine because there is no distinguishing mark or characteristic that changes with the age of the rabbit.

Unlike other animals, young adult rabbits and old rabbits can look very similar. An example of this is in stark contrast to horses, whose age can be determined very accurately by dental examination. Horses have a unique set of markings that grow with their teeth as they age.

In fact, if there are distinctive markings on the rabbit’s teeth, the markings that affect the molars will be more difficult to see because they are just behind the mouth and you will need special tools to see them. (Also read: Tips for caring for pregnant rabbits)

Evaluation of the appearance and behavior of the rabbit

The third way to estimate the age of the rabbit is to carefully evaluate the appearance and also evaluate the behavior of the rabbit as a whole. In this case, you will also need to make a list of the rabbit’s attributes to gauge its approximate age. As for what needs to be evaluated are the following:

  • Activity level: The objective is to find out if the rabbits play frequently or sleep and eat more frequently. Does the rabbit move quickly or does it seem stiff and fragile?
  • General Appearance: Aims to find out if the rabbit’s fur feels smooth and soft or rough and dull.
  • Physical injuries and injuries: Is the goal to find out if the rabbit has hock pain (sores on the soles of the feet)?

Evaluation of reproductive behavior

Evaluate the reproductive behavior of your rabbit, this is also part of the way to know its age. Adolescence in rabbits will appear at the time they start to produce reproductive hormones. This usually happens at the age of 4 months or older, and also at the age of 4-6 months, rabbits are attracted to the opposite sex.

Young rabbits will tend to be very curious and will be quite curious. In addition to that, young rabbits also like to explore their surroundings. When the rabbit has encountered another rabbit of the same sex, their hormones may increase so that they fight and fight. Young rabbits tend to be reactive and like to stomp on the ground with their backs when they sense danger. (Also read: Types of grass that are good for rabbits)

appearance review

Do a thorough evaluation of the rabbit. The young rabbits are growing, so you should be able to see the rabbit size change. Meanwhile, adult rabbits are at the height of their physical strength and have soft, shiny fur, bright eyes, a good body weight (maybe even fat), and they move quickly.

Find evening hock

There is no scientific relationship between a rabbit’s age and the evening hock it has, but some rabbit owners note that older rabbits will have an evening hock. This condition is caused by the weight of the rabbit pressing down on the thin skin of the soles of the feet, so that the fur is bald and thick fur forms. (Also Read: Early Stage Rabbit Breeding Crop)

There are a number of variable factors that contribute to evening hocks, including the animal’s body weight (evening hocks tend to form more easily if the animal is heavy enough), bedding depth (lack of bedding is a risk factor for evening hocks). ), and cleanliness of bedding (urine). Wetting bedding will cause rabbit fur to shed.)

This is how to calculate the age of a Rabbit in general and easy to understand that you can know. I hope it is useful.

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