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Goats remain one of the most needed livestock products in the community, both for meat and dairy. Considering the high demand for goat consumption, goat farming is one of the biggest traps for fishing. In the activities that occur in goat farms, the selection of seeds is something that must be properly considered. For breeders, here are some ways to choose good goat seeds so that they can provide maximum cattle performance in the explanation below.

  • based on genealogy

Goat seed selection can be done through several basics, one of which is for quality pedigree. Goat seeds that come from goats with good livestock quality such as abundant meat products or a lot of milking and that do not suffer from various diseases will surely be quality and profitable seeds for breeding. However, obtaining valid information on the lineage condition of seeds is quite difficult to obtain. (Also read: how to choose good goat seeds)

  • Based on the image of a goat.

The choice of goat breeds based on their genealogy has drawbacks related to the accuracy of the information provided by the seed seller, so it is necessary to visually compare it with the condition of the goat. If what the seller conveys is not in accordance with the condition of the goat breeds, then it should be considered, but otherwise the seeds may be selected as superior seeds for the goat breeding process. (Also read: Goat farming with fermented feed)

  • Visual condition of quality goat seeds

As in the previous explanation on how to choose good breeds of goats, visual conditions are one of the things that can be judged most valid. Here are some things all breeders should visually consider when choosing good seeds, such as:

  1. Pay attention to the reproductive condition of the goats by observing the level of sexual activity patterns and the physical state of the genitalia in the goats. (Also read: basic techniques of goat farming)
  2. Pay attention to the state of health of the goat which is manifested in the physical state without defects, bright eyes, mouth without much mucus, skin and coat that are not problematic, as well as the normal conditions of activity or movement of the goat.
  3. Good breeds of goats should also have a body posture that shows normal conditions, such as legs that are straight, erect, and capable of walking and running nimbly. (Also read: how to raise goats successfully)
  4. The body shape of the goat should also be considered to choose goat breeds that are neither too fat nor too thin because these two conditions indicate the poor quality of the goat breeds.
  5. Pay attention to the condition of the goat’s bone and tooth construction, whether it is complete and sturdy or not. In addition, quality goat breeds must also have a strong spine and jaw.
  6. Pay attention to the age of the goat to be used as a goat breed and make sure of that age by looking at the goat’s physical signs. (Also read: Easy way to raise goats)

Those are some explanations on how to choose good breeds of goats and they will provide the opportunity to produce high and quality livestock yields. All breeders, both beginners and experienced, should carefully consider the factors and things that need to be taken into account to avoid results from less than high quality seeds.

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