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There are many types of birds that sing in nature. Each type of bird certainly has its own characteristics and uniqueness, and that is what makes these various types of birds likely to attract the interest of bird lovers.

This introduction is to get more details about the sex of the Branjangan bird, where finding out the gender is easy and difficult, especially for those of you who are laymen and do not know about birds. Maybe you don’t need to linger any longer, just take a look at the reviews on how to distinguish male and female barns below.

1. Physical characteristics

The physical characteristics of today’s parrots are certainly different for the male and female species. The adult male bran has brown fur, with noticeably thicker fur.

While the male’s bill color is bright, white and shiny, if he finds a flock, the Branjangan bird will emit a crest on his head that is elegant and long. Where this kind of thing also happens in the difference between male and female zebra finches.

The sound of the male Branjangan is varied and soft, then at the front of the eye near the upper bill, this Branjangan bird has fine black feathers. And if you look closely, this bird’s beak and lower ears appear to have white feathers that bloom and appear to stand upright.

The Branjangan bird’s tail also appears to bloom and open, as a sign that it is a male species. The problem of the coat, here’s how to deal with the stone magpie’s hairstyle that can affect its appearance.

Then the adult female Branjangan bird also has brown feathers but it is duller, and the female’s bill color looks darker which is blackish brown.

The female bran also has a crest, only the crest is not too long. Because the woman’s voice is so strong, but disjointed and less varied.

2. Head shape

The head shape of the female Branjangan chick is smaller than that of the male, plus male Branjangan chicks have a deeper coat color than the female. In fact, you can see the difference with the sound produced.

For the male Branjangan bird has eyes with quite keen eyesight, if you look closely, there are fine black feathers in the eye which are near the beak at the top.

3. Body size

You can also tell the sex of this Branjangan bird from the body where the male has a larger body size than the female. However, this will certainly be different depending on the origin of the region.

For example, female Branjangan native to Java have a larger body than birds from NTB and other areas. In NTB there are parrots that are often found hanging around, and the following are the characteristics of the parrots that are easily recognizable.

4. Feather color on the chest

Like other types of birds, the male Branjangan bird has fine, firm feathers on its chest. This form of plumage began to be seen since the bird was still Trotolan age.

When it comes to body sights, there are some that are specific to ornamental birds, including the most beautiful type of paradise in the world. It is a pity, however, that such a beauty is becoming rare, and must need better care and development.

5. Sound

When young, female Branjangan birds tend to be lazy or rarely make sounds compared to young males, where they prefer to chirp. But when the bird has grown, the female will have a very loud voice.

However, the sound produced by this female Branjangan is considered less varied with a monotonous or repetitive chirp. Unlike the male Branjangan, where this bird will have a fairly high voice and a more varied pitch, making it very pleasant to listen to.

6. Tail shape

If you’re still unsure of the features shown above, then this tail may be the easiest part to recognize. How to distinguish male and female bran can use the tail.

For Branjangan, birds with male genitalia usually have a tail shape that appears to be always open or spread out like a fan. The female, meanwhile, has a tail that looks thinner and snaps more frequently.

After knowing the sex of the Branjangan bird, it is expected that it will be easier to treat this Branjangan bird. Because after all, this male Branjangan bird will definitely sing.

For the problem, sooner or later the process of birdsong will change depending on the form of treatment you apply to the pet bird. Here’s how to care for a good parrot.

Maybe that’s enough for a review of how to tell the difference between male and female bran. Hopefully, what we have discussed above is helpful and can add to your knowledge about the Branjangan bird species.

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