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6 ways to make organic food from cow manureFeed is one of the important factors that determine the success of livestock farming. By providing the right kind of feed, both in type and level, cattle will grow healthily so farmers can get the most out of it.

In addition to relying on artificial feed that can be easily purchased in stores, you can also make your own organic feed using natural ingredients in the surrounding environment.

In addition to cost savings, this is also good for environmental sustainability because artificial feed often contains chemicals that can have a negative impact on the environment.

Organic feed can be made from various natural ingredients, one of which is cow manure. Cow manure that is usually thrown away and pollutes the environment can now be processed and used to increase livestock yields. This cow manure feed is an organic feed for catfish, which is one of the most popular types of fish with a high level of demand. Just look at how many pecel catfish stalls and concession stands make catfish their menu.

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Before you start practicing how to make organic feed from cow dung, first prepare the necessary materials and tools, including:

  1. Cow manure is about 10 kg.
  2. Liquid probiotics up to 200 ml. You can use the EM4 brand of probiotics or other types.
  3. Enough water to be used to dilute the cow manure. The dilution process should not be excessive, just enough until the cow manure becomes soft like bread dough.
  4. Drum with cover (tight drum), ladle, bucket and other supporting equipment.

Once the tools and materials are available, we can immediately practice 6 ways to make organic feed from the following cow manure:

  1. First, let the cow excrete in the open air for 5 days.
  2. Then put the cow dung in the drum provided.
  3. Add the liquid probiotics to the drum and mix well.
  4. Let stand for about 24 hours in a closed container.
  5. After that, make a hole in the drum so that there is air flow in the drum. Leave it for another week and the drum will begin to look infested with worms.
  6. These worms will continue to grow after 60 days so the food is ready to feed your pet catfish.

How? Is not difficult? You can do it yourself at home to reduce the cost of animal feed. That’s 6 ways to make organic feed from cow manure that can be used as food for your pet catfish. This feed is suitable for small catfish less than 2 fingers in size. In addition to being cheaper in terms of cost, using cow manure as organic feed is great for environmental sustainability and cleanliness.

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Another advantage is that the nutritional value contained in organic feed is higher and can help increase the appetite of farmed catfish. Cow manure that was considered useless has now become a useful item and no longer pollutes the environment. If you have difficulty obtaining cow manure, you can use other natural ingredients such as tofu feces, goat manure, fishmeal, bran, and molasses or also called molasses.

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