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6 ways to overcome paralysis in broilers
Broilers or also known as broilers are the type of chicken most raised to meet the needs of chicken meat in the community.

In the process of raising broilers, of course there are several good ways to do it, and care must be maintained to get good quality chickens.

During the livestock process, various types of problems can certainly infect broilers for certain reasons, one of which is a condition where broilers become paralyzed.

Here are some ways to overcome broiler paralysis that chicken farmers can do effectively and efficiently in the explanation below. (Also read: how to breed joper chicken)

Causes of paralyzed broiler

Before understanding how to deal with paralysis in broilers that are good and correct, the first step that must be known in advance is to know the cause of the appearance of this condition. This is because by knowing the cause of paralyzed broilers, the steps and efforts to treat it will be much more appropriate considering that each paralyzed condition that broilers experience can be different from case to case. (Also Read: How To Raise Bangkok Broilers)

Paralysis in broilers can occur when the chickens reach the age of 1 month or older and can yield almost half of the total chicken population on a farm. The causes of the occurrence of the paralyzed broiler condition include unbalanced nutrition of the feed provided by the farmers to the chickens, the presence of diseases such as coccidiosis, CKD (Chronic Respiratory Disease), SNOT (runny nose), etc. ., and rickets disease that attacks the bones in broilers. . (Also read: how to raise chicks correctly)

How to Overcome Paralysis in Broilers

Looking at the above explanation, it is known that the paralyzed broiler condition can occur in almost 50% of the chicken population in the farm as a whole, so it has a chance to produce huge losses to the farmers. To treat the condition of paralysis in broilers, it is necessary to have the correct form of management according to the cause. Here are some ways to overcome paralysis in broilers, including the following:

  1. Administering broiler antibiotics is appropriate depending on the cause that makes the chickens paralyzed by observing the existing characteristics. Commonly used antibiotics, for example, such as ampicol or coliqum for colibacillosis.
  2. Administer multivitamins to increase growth resistance and help improve nutrients in chickens, such as vita stress, vitamax and fortevit. (Also read: how to properly and correctly care for chicken pieces)
  3. Thorough cleaning of poultry houses and separation of paralyzed chickens from normal chickens to stop transmission.
  4. Carry out routine vaccination activities in chickens so that they are not susceptible to diseases as a prevention effort.
  5. Replacement of good feed and according to the nutritional balance of the chickens can be given to replace the previous diet that is less nutritious. (Also read: how to raise odorless chickens)
  6. Implementation of a biosecurity system and adequate management of maintenance in terms of feeding, drinking, changing water, cleaning cages, etc.

Those are some ways to overcome paralysis in broilers that chicken farmers can do properly and according to the cause. If the farmer begins to see that one or two chickens are paralyzed, it is best to immediately separate the chickens and treat them appropriately to prevent complete transmission.

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