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6 Ways to Overcome Weak Legs at Bangkok ChickenBangkok chicken is a type of chicken that is very popular in almost all regions as one of the superior fighting chickens.

Bangkok chickens must have a good physique so that they can be used as gamecocks in cockfighting. But in the process of treatment, of course, various types of chicken health problems can occur, one of which is the condition of weak legs.

Here are some ways to overcome limp legs in Bangkok chickens that can be done by chicken owners according to the cause in the explanation below. (Also read: how to raise odorless chickens)

  1. Understand the causes that can weaken chickens

The first step that needs to be understood before making various efforts to overcome floppy feet in bangkon chickens is to understand the causes of floppy feet in chickens. Some of these causes include injuries during grievances, being hit by other objects, lack of nutrition given to the chickens, being forced to fight too much, and other causes that are not even known for sure.

  1. doing chicken quarantine

The next way to deal with limp legs in Bangkok chickens is to quarantine them. Quarantine is carried out to simplify the process of caring for the chickens and to prevent the weak leg condition from worsening due to fights with other chickens in the cage. (Also read: how to properly and correctly care for chicken pieces)

  1. feed the chickens

Chicken feed is very important when they are experiencing health problems because it is helpful in helping to restore the chicken to its former state. Bangkok chickens with limp legs can usually turn on to eat, so chicken owners must provide food for them by feeding them directly.

  1. Supply of drinking water in losses

In addition to food, the way to overcome lame legs in Bangkok chickens at first is to provide drinking water at loss or the intention is not to limit the supply of drinking water as long as the chickens need it. Chickens will naturally drink more when they are in pain, so it is necessary for farmers to provide enough drinking water to help meet their mineral needs. (Also read: how to raise chicks correctly)

  1. Administer herbal uric acid.

Giving herbal medicine to lower is the main step to overcome the condition of Bangkok chicken whose legs are weak. Herbal uric acid medicines can help restore the condition of damaged nerves and improve the metabolism of the body. Herbal pain relievers are readily available at farm supply stores or by making your own. (Also Read: How To Raise Bangkok Broilers)

  1. chicken leg massage

Massage can be done to help overcome the condition of weak Bangkok chicken feet. The massage is done using a medicine for chicken veins that is spread slowly and carefully. In addition to massage, improving the diet and giving multivitamins can also help restore the condition of the chicken to a normal state again. (Also read: how to breed joper chicken)

Those are some of the ways Bangkok chicken owners can do to deal with the condition of limp chicken feet properly and correctly. The condition of a limp chicken leg should certainly not be underestimated by the chicken owner because it can become a worse condition for the health of the Bangkok chicken.

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