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The high public interest in the consumption of fish means that the fish farming process continues to undergo changes and evolutions to obtain better results and of course it will be very significant. An important part that must be properly considered so that operating costs do not increase is paying attention to the use of water in the fish farming process and making sure that the water is used in the correct amount. To ensure this, a high-tech style is needed to save water. Here are some ways to use water saving technology in fish farming.

water saving technology

Before understanding more about how to use water-saving technology in fish farming, it is necessary to explain in advance what this technology is and what its uses and advantages and disadvantages are. When carrying out the fish farming process, the pond water should be replaced regularly to keep the pond sanitation clean and healthy for the fish.

Regularly changing the pond water can increase the need for water in the cultivation process. In order to provide greater effectiveness in the use of water and reduce the costs that arise in the fish farming process, there are several water-saving technologies that are beginning to be found in the community by various research institutions, both private as well as government. A technology that is now beginning to be widely used due to its benefits that not only suppress the usual but also help improve the quality of the fish is RAS or Recirculating Aquaculture System.

How to use water saving technology

RAS in general is a technology that helps pond water that has been mixed with fish feces and the feed side to be reused, so it is called a recirculation process. In order to take advantage of it, here is how to use water-saving technology in fish farming.

  1. Understand in advance the technology that will be used

Before starting to use this water-saving technology, fish farmers should have a good understanding of the technology and what needs to be done. This process of understanding can be done by attending seminars or workshops or asking those who have more experience.

  1. prepare the pool

Ponds used with water saving technology are certainly different from fish farming ponds in general. The main pool can be the same, but multiple pools need to be added for the pool water filtration process to clean the pool again. Pools require at least 1 main pool and 5 small pools.

  1. Prepare tool needs

In addition to the pool, various tools were also prepared in advance, such as pipes to channel the water, as a link between the pools and the settling tank and filter tank.

  1. Prepare two filter tanks

In addition to the pool, another need is a filter tub that filters dirty pool water and turns it into clean water. The filter tank must be filled with carbon, zeolite, palm fiber and of course a filter.

  1. water quality test

After all the infrastructure is installed, the next step to take is to test the process of filtering the pool water from clean to dirty and circulating it. Tests related to the quality of the filtered water should also be performed to ensure the process is correct.

  1. Out-of-the-box technology

If all the necessary infrastructure and facilities have been installed and the process of testing the operation of the water saving technology has proceeded normally, including filtered water results that meet the requirements, the technology can now be executed.

Those are some ways to use water-saving technology in fish farming that all fish farmers of various types should pay attention to to help reduce costs and increase fish production results.

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