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There are many types of stars or animals that you know of, but believe it or not, the fact is that not all animals are vicious. Various types of animals or animals are often found in everyday life, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and various other types. Even tigers are no less at home, which means they have been domesticated and of any kind.

Usually it is the Sumatran tiger that is kept at home, but of course it has an official permit, considering that these animals are protected by the state. If you want to know the characteristics of the Sumatran tiger, it was previously transmitted to which you can refer again.

In addition, it has also been explained about the comparison of a tiger or a lion, see in the article the difference between a lion and a tiger. So what kind of animals are suitable to have in the room? There are quite a few questions like this, but there is no definitive answer yet. That all domesticated animals remain safe anywhere, as long as you continue to provide them with good and careful care. And don’t forget to feed it on time, making the tame animal always feel at home and comfortable with you and not hurt you.

However, if an animal has been tamed but feels hungry and is mistreated, then it is not impossible that it will become a ferocious animal and can hurt. Previously, it was broadcast about children’s pets, of which there are more than five types. Perhaps one of them could be a suitable animal to have in your room as a friend. Well, according to various sources, there are many types of animals that can be kept at home and as friends or companions in the room.

1. Fish

aquarium betta fish

One type of animal that can be had in the first room is the fish. Yes, it’s no secret that this animal is the favorite of many people and is usually kept in the front or back of the house. However, it is undeniable that the fish can be placed in the aquarium, so the placement is not always outside the house but inside the house to beautify the interior.

Unusually, the room can also be decorated with an aquarium with various types of fish. There are even some people who deliberately decorate their rooms with a combination of an aquarium, to make it very unique and look different. Then there are various kinds of fish themselves, and lots and lots of them. But most are kept at home as betta fish. If you keep it, you need to pay attention to betta fish food so that it grows quickly and grows beautifully in the aquarium. In addition, it is also necessary to re-read what has been passed down, that is, on how to feed betta fish.

two. Cat

7 animals that are suitable to have in the bedroom

Cats are gentle animals and are often found, being a type of animal that is suitable to have in the room. Do not worry about the cat that throws garbage there, if the room is not locked the cat will go out to find a place to throw because it has become a feline habit. Especially if the cat is already very tame and is intelligently trained.

Generally, the ones kept at home are Persian and Angora cats. But now it’s not just the two types, because many local or village cats have also been kept. If properly cared for, the local cat will be as beautiful as an angora. And if you’ve never had one, here’s a guide on how to raise a Persian cat for beginners.

3. iguana

iguana in cage

Iguanas are also suitable animals to have in your room, considering that this animal is a fairly tame type of animal with an adorable demeanor. However, you still need to be careful while maintaining it. The quick, responsive and agile nature of movements make this animal appear more attractive to keep. Don’t be afraid, being locked up means being in a cage. Going crazy here and there in the bedroom is not allowed.

Four. Hamster

7 animals that are suitable to have in the bedroom

Often referred to as mice, hamsters are not considered that way. Hamsters are cute animals that are only similar to mice, but smaller and cuter. This is an animal that is suitable for being kept in another room.

Classified as a rodent but not a pest, and it’s great if it’s in your room. So that the environment is not disturbed, here are ways to prevent your hamster from smelling that you can apply. And for cleanliness, it really needs to be maintained so that the health of the hamster and the owner can be properly maintained.

5. sugar glider

sugar glider

Many do not know what a sugar glider is, which is a small animal native to Papua and Maluku that is also found in various areas of Australia.

Its unique name is taken from its hobby, i.e. eating sweet or sugary food, thus the English name sugar is attached, namely sugar. In the meantime, the glider was taken because this animal often glides. Although it seems quite shy, if this animal takes a few days with you to become familiar with it, it is also active so that you invite it to play and make friends when it is alone in the room.

6. Owl

7 animals that are suitable to have in the bedroom

Is anyone afraid of owls? Naturally, considering that this bird has a terrifying face with very round eyeballs. However, owls can be a suitable type of animal to have at home. It may seem strange, but some people have tried it.

There is nothing wrong with doing the same thing by simply putting the owl in a cage and letting it roam the room as a friend. If you are an owl lover, here are the types of owls that are difficult to keep and can be a challenge for you to bring into your room to accompany your rest.

7. Tortoise

7 animals that are suitable to have in the bedroom

Turtles are one of the recommended animals and can be kept in the room. The animals that can live in these two kingdoms are animals that do not take up space.

So you can keep it in the corner of the room with a transparent place like an aquarium. Here’s how to keep a small turtle that you can follow, to maintain its health and growth, so that it does not die quickly, aka can accompany you for a long time.

Those are the seven animals that are very suitable to have in the room. It’s best to keep it in a cage all the time, but for some animals you can also take it out of the cage when you’re in the room, inviting them to play while you do maintenance.

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