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7 benefits of palm midrib fermentation for animal feed

Oil palm is a fruitful plant whose fruit is widely used as oil. You often hear that palm oil is abundant in areas like Kalimantan, Sumatra. But you should know that the oil palm plant is not only beneficial for the fruit, but also the midrib is very necessary. So, below you can read some points about the benefits of palm midrib fermentation for animal feed.

However, not many people think that palm leaves can be used as animal feed. In addition, its content is very diverse, so it is guaranteed to guarantee the nutritional needs of your cattle. However, you can see how to make palm leaf fermentation below, before you understand some of the benefits. (Also read: Benefits of the golden snail for animal feed)

How to make palm midrib fermentation:

1. The first step is to cut the palm leaves with a Chopper Machine.

2. Second, you need to dissolve the probiotic or starter, which is done by mixing the molasses with the starter bacteria and water (1 liter of molasses adds 10 liters of water) and stop the starters as needed and then let it sit for 15 minutes.

3. The third stage is to mix the feed ingredients that have been prepared, such as palm leaves, oil palm cake with the bran.

4. Then rinse the mixture of these ingredients using the probiotic solution you have provided until smooth, you can use Gembor Water and then stir until smooth. If the ingredients are in large quantities, then the mixing process can use the layering technique, that is, make a mixture of midrib, cake and bran up to 10-15 cm high and rinse with a probiotic solution and then make another layer on top with the same process until the ingredients are used up and then stir evenly.

5. The fifth stage is to put the mixture in the Plastic Drum/Silo compacting so that there is no air left and then it is covered with plastic.

6. Anaerobic fermentation is done for approximately 7-14 days and the feed is ready to be delivered to your cattle.

So to know what are the benefits of this Palm Rib Fermentation that the cattle will obtain, here are the points.

Benefits of palm midrib fermentation for animal feed

good for digestion

One of the benefits of this fermentation is for digestive health. Because good digestion is one that is able to digest food well and doesn’t care. This is the benefit of fermenting the palm leaf, which is very good for the digestion of your cattle. So it is not bad if the palm leaf is given, after all, it has gone through the previous processes and stages so that it becomes a suitable fermentation to give. (Also Read: Benefits of Taro Leaves for Cattle Wound Medicine)

High Enough Nutrients

Do you know why the suggestion is made to give the fermentation of the palm midrib, that is, because it has a nutritional content that is not very different from fresh grass? Even by giving it this food, you can reduce the supply of palm oil waste and reduce the search for grass so it continues to grow well.

increase appetite

Another benefit is that it is very good for increasing the appetite of cattle. So by giving this palm midrib fermentation, you can further stimulate your cattle’s appetite because they like the taste. (Also Read: Tips for Starting a Livestock Business)

Fattening Help

It doesn’t stop there, but the fermentation made from the midrib of the palm is a great support for the fattening process of your cattle. So if you want your cattle to gain weight quickly then you can give them this feed, but don’t give them every day because it’s a shame if they don’t rely on another type of feed to compensate. Similarly, humans if too often will feel bored so that in the end they won’t even want to eat.

As a meal replacement

There are many other benefits of palm leaf fermentation, including as a substitute for the main feed for livestock. So by making your own food from the palm midrib, you can save more on the costs you usually buy for animal feed. (Also read: Tips for domestic chicken)

Provides additional minerals

The water content in the midrib of the fermented palm is quite a bit, so the benefits obtained are not small either. One of them is to provide additional intake of water for cattle in the body. So you unknowingly inhibit the onset of dehydration.

Helping to grow

Because there are so many nutrients in the feed, it’s no wonder it can help your livestock thrive. This feed helps the growth and development of all your livestock, especially cows or goats (large animals). (Also read: How to raise laying hens without cages)

So, are these 7 benefits of palm midrib fermentation useful for animal feed?

Perhaps this article should be passed on to better understand the benefits of the palm midrib, which are mostly underestimated because they are only after the fruit. Even with this you can save a bit because you don’t feed the maker every day. I hope this information helps and good luck.

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