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7 Breeding Patterns for Quality Layer Poultry

Poultry are animals that can be raised or kept as livestock, such as chickens, birds, ducks or ducks. They are a type of winged animal for what is known as a bird. Meanwhile, what is found every day is like a chicken.

In addition to chickens, birds are also not foreign, but those that are intended to be kept as pets at home or included in competitions. In this regard, the poultry to be transported are of the laying type, often found with laying hens and quail only for eggs.

Many people keep laying birds, whether they are hens that lay eggs like the ones they eat or broilers or quail that only take their eggs. Looking at the profits, it promises a lot of people who want to raise cattle that way. However, it is not uncommon to find out what the laying pattern of laying birds is like before finally carrying out the livestock stage. It should be noted that raising laying hens is not an easy thing, you must follow the steps to produce quality eggs. Therefore, consider the following playback pattern. (Also Read: Easy Ways To Raise Chicken Batik)

Laying Poultry Breeding Pattern

1. Types of laying poultry

The first step is to be able to recognize the type of laying hen. In this case, each bird certainly has its own characteristics, both birds and chickens. For laying birds like fowl there seems to be no sensitive features, but for hens it is as follows:

  • Types of White Pond with characteristics; white eggs, more sensitive to heat, more sensitive to sound, light body weight, and the kind of laying hens that are easy to find.
  • Types of Placement of Chocolate with characteristics; brown eggs, they have bigger size eggs than white laying hens, they can function as broilers, egg prices are more expensive than white laying hens, types of laying hens are quite hard to find.

two. Selection of Poultry Seeds for Layers

There are two ways to get bird seed, including buying or growing your own. For beginners, you need to buy first. Then for the second harvest period you can use your own seeds. Whatever your choice, you need to make sure of the quality of the poultry seed laying. (Also Read: Java Sugar Benefits for Kampung Chicken)

3. Cage

Once you have determined the type of laying hens to be grown and you have obtained quality seed, the next step in the laying hen breeding pattern is the cage for all birds.

The size of the cage, of course, depends on the capacity of the poultry you are going to raise. Because there are generally two types of chicken coops that can be used for reference. Namely, bait cages/colonies and battery cages for poultry, chickens, ducks, ducklings. While birds like gemak or quail use lights as lights.

Four. The place

In addition to the types of cages described above, there are other things you should pay attention to when you want to raise broiler or layer poultry, namely the location. Place is a very important thing to think about because poultry farming is closely related to unpleasant odors and feces. Furthermore, the risk of disease outbreaks can no longer be denied.

Therefore you must know which is the right place for laying hens. What is certain is that it is far from residential areas, usually many are raising cattle in rice paddies for chickens, ducks or ducklings. As for the birds, they do not have to be always in the fields. At home you can, as long as the land behind the house is big enough. If the location behind the house you have is large enough, build a high wall so that the air carrying the fecal odor does not reach the residents. (Also Read: How To Care For A Unique Serama Chicken)

5. Feeding

There are several types of poultry feed that you can provide to your livestock. Several feed options that are generally given to all laying birds are in the form of concentrate (except birds), fishmeal or corn. Each of these types of food has its own advantages and functions. But do not forget to regularly provide additional vitamins to maintain the stability of the condition of the birds so that they remain healthy.

6. drinking

In the breeding of these laying hens, attention must also be paid to the drink that will be given to them. On the first day, when giving poultry seeds water, they will usually be given a mixture of sugar and anti-stress drugs. Usually, this anti-stress medicine will be given to poultry that have just been imported from other places so that the birds are calm and easier to adjust and quickly adapt to the new environment. (Also Read: How To Choose A Good Javanese Chicken Parent)

7. Maintenance

And the last pattern you can make is to never forget to give him the best care. The treatment so that all the laying hens can produce super quality eggs is usually done in several ways, such as cleaning the land and vaccination.

Those are the seven coat bird breeding patterns, I hope this article is helpful.

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