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Cats or also known as domestic cats (house cats) are a type of carnivorous mammal of the Felidae family. The word “cat” usually refers to a “cat” that has been domesticated, but it can also refer to “big cats” like lions and tigers that you yourself know to be wild. The cat refers to a small, docile cat, which has been intermingling with human life since at least 6,000 years BC, beginning with a cat skeleton on the island of Cyprus.

As for cats, the ancient Egyptians from the year 3500 a. C. have used cats to keep mice or other rodents out of barns that store crops. Rats are known to be pests that damage crops such as rice and others. Until now, cats remain the most popular pets in the world. Not surprisingly, many keep it of various types, ranging from local to imported with thick fur.

For cat types whose lineages are officially registered as purebred cats, such as Persian, Siamese, Manx, and Sphynx. Cats like this are usually raised in official pet care. The number of purebred cats is only 1% of all cats in the world, the rest are cats with mixed breeds, such as feral cats or village cats, as are often found.

Much has been said about cats, ranging from proper care. From natural ways to whiten cat fur that you can learn to get beautiful thick fur, to how to take care of cat fur so bad things don’t happen like this one, which is about the causes of bald cat fur. Admittedly, it is not easy to take care of a cat, but it is not always difficult. It all depends on your desire and your sincere intention to care.

The cause of sudden death of a cat to avoid, one of which is certain is due to your fault or carelessness. Cats are animals whose humor resides in their face and fur. Many prefer to have imported cats such as Persians, Angoras and the like compared to native cats because their fur is thicker. That is why you have to take care of the cat so that the fur is soft and beautiful. You have to know what makes the cat’s fur go bald so that it is no longer pretty.

Causes of bald cat skin

1. cats are stressed

One of the causes is the stress of cats, which is a common point that occurs frequently. It is at this time that the blood vessels in the cat’s body do not work properly, so it can get cranky and the fur will slowly fall out. Even not only that, the cat hair that falls out will also not be a reasonable amount in more severe cases. The cat could go bald aka bald.

two. wrong shampoo

Another cause of bald cat hair is the possibility of using the wrong shampoo. Bathing the cat too often will not improve, it will cause the fur to fall out. No matter what type of shampoo it is, if it’s used too often on a cat, it has a heating effect that can shed fur.

That’s because everything has a rule, which is to bathe the cat every three days with shampoo. But if you don’t use shampoo, you can do it once a day. If you rarely use shampoo, as soon as you wash it with cat hair shampoo, it means you choose the wrong shampoo product which is not suitable for your cat.

3. Mites and Fleas

The causes of hair loss in cats and even the next baldness are demodex, mange and ectoparasites. If you don’t understand, then they are some kind of parasite that lives in a cat’s body which is dirty and rarely cared for. Demodex and mange look like mites, while ectoparasites grow more like fleas, ultimately making the cat’s skin or body look bad, as if infested with ulcers. Worse still, the disease makes cats feel itchy and hot, so they want to scratch until they bleed. Here’s how to get rid of fleas on cats that you can apply.

Four. it’s time to fall

Although it seems worrying, not all bald cat hair is motivated by negative things. This is why you should first check what is the cause of your cat’s hair loss. Because there are times when cats also shed their fur, which is what grows new fur every year.

5. Malnutrition

Check your cat’s nutritional intake, whether it is sufficient or lacking. Well, it could be that the cause of a bald cat’s fur is a lack of good food reaching the cat’s stomach. Vitamins A and E and proteins are very important nutrients for a cat, because they are necessary for the formation of new coats.

6. nutritional advantage

Not only lack of nutrition, but excess nutrition can also shed your cat’s hair. We recommend that you provide a reasonable intake of vitamins and nutrients, in moderation. All cats must meet their nutritional needs to grow healthy, especially if pregnant. Here are some foods for pregnant cats that can be given.

7. Allergy

The next point of the cause of hair loss and baldness in cats is due to allergies. The types of allergies here can include anything like the wrong foods, medications, vaccines that are too harsh, or parasites. It usually penetrates more often into the fur, which eventually falls out. And here are some signs of a cat food allergy that you, too, may be aware of.

Those are some of the causes of bald cat hair that you should be aware of and safely avoid, because when it is bald, its appearance will look different than normal. I hope it is useful.

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