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Birds are one of the pets that have various benefits, but most of the animals that sing are often chosen by someone based on the sound produced by the bird. Due to the many types, the differences in the sound it produces are also very diverse.

But there are also several types of birds that depend on the shape of their body, some are very striking and attractive, there are also birds with a simple appearance but with fun levels and characteristics, like this Zebra Finch for example. It’s not too big, but this bird is cute and funny.

The number of people who are interested in this bird is also quite a lot, so you might find it quite promising if you do the following types of bird breeding. And don’t worry about developmental issues, here are the differences between male and female zebra finches that you can see. That way you won’t make a mistake in marriage again.

1. The presence of a Tompel on the Head

One of the characteristics that indicate that the zebra finch is male is related to the presence of colored spots on the face, or rather on the cheeks of the bird. For this tompel, it is round and usually orange or sometimes black.

However, female zebra finches tend to be softer on the face and do not have cheek spots. Just from here, maybe you can already tell which one is male and which one is female, right? But, to be more clear, you can see the other differences.

2. Vertical black lines under the eyes

Contrary to the first point, this time the only female zebra finches have these markings. So it can be said that if the breed is female, then there are vertical lines under the eyes, while if the male has orange or black spots.

3. Color of the beak

The next difference that the owner may notice is related to the color of the beak. It is not very clear, because both males and females have orange beaks. It’s just that for the male sex, the beak is brighter.

While the female has a not so bright bill alias less conspicuous. And regarding the beak, it is also important to know how to treat wounds on the squirrel’s beak, which can also be applied to the zebra finch.

4. Black pattern on the chest

The same as the previous face, which for women is softer on the chest in terms of color. In this section it has a yellowish cream color that seems softer and blends with the body.

Unlike the male, on that part it has a blackish pattern on the middle, forehead and also has a striped pattern on the sides of its neck. Thus, the appearance of the male bird seems more robust than that of the female.

5. Zebra Finch Body Color

And on his body too, on the left and right sides of the male there are orange or sometimes black patterns with white spots. While the feminine color appears more muted, the color alignment level doesn’t contrast much either. Also read about how to keep a canary’s good color.

6. Voice variants

For those of you who do not pay attention to the appearance, but also want to enjoy the sound of this zebra finch, you should choose to stay with the males only. This is because the bird has a more diverse sound variant and its chatter sounds more interesting.

Very different from the female whose voice is not as varied as the male, so it can be said that she will get bored faster. However, for more recommendations, you can care for and maintain both types of birds.

Not only so that you have a more diverse voice, but so that you can raise the bird yourself, thus producing new offspring that will certainly benefit from being cared for properly. And know how to treat a voiceless bird or how to treat a hoarse voice in birds, so that the song of the zebra finch remains melodious.

7. Behavior

Actually knowing the difference in terms of behavior is quite difficult, because they both have the same active nature in the cage. However, the males seem to be more active and perhaps when in their hands they tend to be more rebellious. Unlike the female she has a calmer character even though she is restrained.

Those are the various differences between male and female zebra finches that you can take a closer look at. After learning about the various types of differences that have been passed down above, of course you can easily do your own breeding.

However, in caring for this zebra finch, you have to pay attention to several things, including how to care for birds to be diligent in singing, how to care for molting birds, knowing the benefits of feeding of the fish for birds that many breeders may not know about.

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