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7 medications for paralyzed magpies are the easiest to get
Is your magpie paralyzed? It is not without reason that this happens, and you have to investigate what caused it. To make it easy for you to determine the medicine for paralyzed magpie. Because in a condition like this, you as an owner cannot be careless in choosing drugs. One of the safest drugs is undoubtedly the most natural, but which one?

Perhaps you remember one of the multifunctional plants, namely binahong. This plant is widely used by many people to cure diseases. Even earlier it has also been said about the binahong plant to cure shortness of breath in birds. So it is no longer impossible if binahong can also provide an antidote for his magpie paralysis.

However, it is not only Medicine for paralyzed Murai with binahong only that is passed on below. But some other medications will be included as well, so it will be easy for you to reference. But before that, you have to find out in advance what is the cause of your paralyzed magpie. (Also read: How to remove the sound of a chicken in a magpie)

Your paralyzed magpie could be due to illness. But besides that, of course, there are other factors that make it so. Perhaps a small accident can cause your bird to become paralyzed. The accident, for example, was like falling into his cage and hurting his leg, or even a certain illness. Seeing birds start like this, you as an owner are certainly quite concerned.

Because being a bird lover is not easy, seeing the state of a pet is not good, always try to find a solution. Following are some medications and types or ways to treat paralyzed magpies. Herbal medicine for paralyzed Murai with binahong leaves which are quite natural that you can use.

  1. Binahong leaf boiled water

Take advantage of the boiled water of binahong leaves to cure the paralyzed magpie. It’s been a long time since binahong leaves have been very nutritious, no matter how you process them. Well, for something that is quite simple, namely using boiled water from binahong leaves that is drunk by birds. (Also Read: How To Grow A Stone Magpie)

The method:

  • Take 5 binahong leaves
  • Provide water in a pot with a capacity of a glass
  • Wash the binahong leaves and put them in a pot of water.
  • Start boiling for about 15 minutes.
  • Let it cool
  • Strain the water and give it to the birds.
  1. Binahong Leaf Juice

This second medicine still has the natural properties of binahong leaves. It’s just that the process is not the same as in point one. For this, you can use water from the juice of binahong leaves. The number of sheets required remains the same, ie 5 sheets. The trick is to mash until there are crushed binahong leaves left. Just add half a glass of water. After that, strain it to separate it from the pulp before feeding it to the birds.

In this step there are two types that you can try, give it directly to the bird or boil it. In addition, you can also determine whether the binahong juice is added with sugar or not. (Also read: How to raise the Medan stone magpie)

  1. Binahong Leaf Collision

While another way for the outer area of ​​the bird’s body, you can try punching the leaves up to 5 pieces first. After that apply directly to the legs of your magpie. However, this method is less effective than the one given directly.

  1. Binahong Leaf Water Soak

Another no less easy way is to soak it. Take five binahong leaves and soak them in a glass of water. The required water capacity remains the same, which is only half a glass. Approximately soak for 20 minutes.

  1. drug administration

In addition to natural medicine, you can also give your bird another instant medicine. Drugs have become commonplace used for situations like this. You should buy medicine at the bird feed stall and pass on your complaints about the paralyzed magpie. Usually the store owner already understands the recommended drug. (Also Read: How To Livestock Java Opior)

  1. Vitamin Administration

Vitamins are also one of the drugs that can cure paralyzed magpies. However, the recommended vitamin is B12. Due to the paralysis that occurs in birds in general, you should try to consume vitamin B12. Because this vitamin is to maintain the strength and health of the bird is kept in a stable condition.

  1. vitamin B complex

In addition to B12, it also provides Vitamin B Complex for your paralyzed magpie. This vitamin is no less important as it plays a role in fighting viruses on the feet of birds. So that it can help reduce bacteria or virus to see the bird recover little by little. Although not 100% because not everything is just about vitamins, but various treatments and other components are also needed. (Also read: How to farm quail on a small scale)

In addition to the 7 steps above, of course, you must also actively provide care and attention. One of the most important things is diet and environment. Clean the cage every day and make your magpie comfortable. Therefore, the medicine for the paralyzed Murai, I hope it will be useful.

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