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7 Medications for Shortness of Breath Birds
Of course, if you are a true bird lover, you always provide the best care to each bird, especially yours. It is a common place, since each one has a different soul. In addition to cats or dogs as pets, as well as chickens and ducks, birds are still in high demand. It can even be said that maybe 6 out of 10 people in Indonesia are bird lovers, especially men.

You can even see for yourself the development of a large community of bird lovers and the solidarity within it. Many establish communities not as a competitive agent for birds, but as a hobby and create a brotherhood between lovebirds or bird lovers. Well, surely you yourself already know what the character of such a person is like.

Loving is giving more care and attention, that’s what bird lovers do. Especially now that there have been many squeaking contests with great prizes. Of course you are interested, being able to have a bird with a nice whistle becomes its own attraction. That way you always keep the bird healthy and agile. One of the characteristics is normal to large appetite.

But who would have thought that each living being brings different conditions. As for birds, people often complain that their birds experience difficulty breathing. This, of course, causes quite a bit of concern. Well, for that you need a medicine for shortness of breath that you have to give as a treatment. So, which medication is suitable for birds’ shortness of breath? (Also read: How to overcome congestion in cats)

Everything will be conveyed on this page, but first you need to understand the shortness of breath that affects birds. Usually, the shortness of breath that birds experience is accompanied by cold, but not all. So that most of the hoarse voice is lost and opens up a lot. As a solution, follow the simple steps below:

  • Cover the cage with curtains

Always paying attention to the environment where birds live is the main key. Make sure your body can accept the temperature and provide warmth from afternoon to night. The trick is to cover the cage with cloth or curtains and don’t forget to leave a small hole for ventilation.

Difficulty breathing can also be caused by a dirty environment. So the second way you can do is to clean the environment where the bird lives i.e. the cage. (Also read: How to prevent tetelo in owls)

There are many medications for shortness of breath in birds, but natural and safe ones are very rare. Anything natural is better, and one of the plants that can be used is Binahong. Not only for treating shortness of breath in birds, but binahong is really effective as a treatment for any disease. Not unlike the Kitolod plant, here are the benefits of binahong as an herbal medicine for shortness of breath.

  1. Boiled

The first way to use binahong leaves is to boil them. Follow the steps below:

  • Take 3 leaves of binahong
  • wash with clean water
  • Prepare a glass of water in a pot
  • Start boiling the water in the pot.
  • Enter 3 binahong leaves that have been cleaned
  • Drink the water to the birds
  1. beaten

The second way that binahong benefits as an herbal medicine for birds experiencing shortness of breath is by mashing them. The benefits aren’t too different from boiling, it’s just that the steps aren’t the same. (Also read: How to treat fungus in canaries)

Follow the steps below:

  • Take 3 binahong leaves that have been cleaned
  • Pound the leaves until they are half crushed to apply on the bird’s chest. Apply twice a day for faster healing.
  1. Evaporation

Binahong leaves can be used in another way, that is, using steam. The trick, boil the binahong leaves until boiling. After that, turn off the stove and cover the pot to produce steam which can then be given to the bird to overcome the difficulty in breathing.

  1. Wet

In addition to the above three ways, the other step is soaking. The trick is to put binahong leaves in half a glass of water for 30 minutes. Only then can you give the bird the binahong water dip to drink. (Also read: How to take care of molting birds)

  1. Mixed

Another way, mix binahong leaves with bird food. The trick is to thinly slice the binahong leaves and mix them into the feed until well blended. The uniform mixture is intended so that the birds are not picky eaters. Because the efficacy of binahong leaves is faster for direct consumption.

  1. wearing the saree

Binahong leaf extract is more effective, you can collect up to 10 leaves to make puree. After that, add half a glass of water and mix well. You can then filter the thick water, add sugar and give it to the bird to overcome the difficulty in breathing.

  1. used for bathing

Another step, you can use the binahong leaf soaking water to bathe the birds every morning and evening by spraying them. (Also read: How to take care of anise flower birds)

Those are 7 ways that can be a shortness of breath cure that you can apply yourself to your favorite bird when you experience such an unfortunate incident. As soon as possible, do it right away when you know the signs of shortness of breath, so it doesn’t get worse. I hope it is useful!

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