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What are the causes of tilapia not wanting to grow? Perhaps you are wondering about this yourself. Also, if you grow at home, for example as a side business, of course it is very important to explore issues like this. Tilapia itself is a type of freshwater fish. This fish was introduced from Africa, i.e. East Africa, in 1969, and until now it has become a popular pet fish in Indonesian freshwater ponds, as well as a pest in all Indonesian rivers and lakes. The scientific name for tilapia itself is Oreochromis niloticus, and in English it is known as Nile Tilapia.

In tilapia farming, of course, there will be many problems that will arise and be faced, whether it is easy to predict early or unexpected. One of them is the cause of decreased appetite for tilapia and how to overcome it. Therefore, you also have to know how to maintain yourself properly and correctly as a grower so that the results are of the highest quality and quality. You can learn some of the tips that have been presented above, how to properly care for tilapia larvae. Other procedures such as the early stages of tilapia farming, you can hear again in the article on the steps to spread tilapia seeds.

Tilapia is in such high demand, which is why all farmers can offer a lot on the market. It’s just that not everything is easy if it’s not the right time, especially seeing cases like this, namely, the reason why the tilapia doesn’t grow, of course it can’t be harvested either. However, the interesting tips that have been passed down above are how to grow tilapia for 3 harvest months. The following are some of the causes that should be considered and addressed early in order to get the maximum income from tilapia:

Causes of tilapia not wanting to grow

power factor

The first thing that causes tilapia not to grow much is the food factor. It may be because the feed provided is not suitable for tilapia, perhaps because it is not intended for certain types. Another thing could be that the size of the food is too large for the Tilapia to be able to consume it properly. Of course, there are many things that need to be known, perhaps because of the quality of the food that is not feasible, that is, it is expired or almost damaged, it may reduce the quality of the fish.

environmental factor

Environmental factors are factors that come from the environment where you grow. This factor is divided into several parts, one of which is like dirty air because the environment is too poor and refers to the development of tilapia. Meanwhile, other factors, namely waste, can affect the growth and development of tilapia. Even what you should know, cleaning the pond should also be prioritized because it is the domain of the fish itself. A murky pond that is not maintained makes it difficult for tilapia to grow.

Decreased appetite

Another thing that makes tilapia not want to be big is decreased appetite. Therefore, you need to be able to find out what makes fish difficult to eat and, more importantly, how to deal with it. How to make artificial feed for tilapia could help restore the fish’s appetite.

temperature fluctuation

Another problem that recurs and is one of the causes that must be addressed immediately is that related to temperature fluctuations. Usually this often happens in the transition season (transition from rainy season to dry season or vice versa). Meanwhile, the ideal temperature for tilapia farming is 28-30’C. Temperatures that are too low or too high are also not recommended because they can reduce the appetite of the fish and consequently increase the risk of the fish being attacked by diseases such as parasites. or mushrooms.

Effect of water pH

The acidity level of the pH is a factor that often changes the appetite of tilapia. The ideal pH for tilapia farming is 6.5-8. Meanwhile, maintaining the pH value of the water can be done by using good quality water. A common thing that happens is that the pH is too low (acidic), and this can be overcome by giving lime at the proper dosage in your aquaculture pond.

Dissolved oxygen

Dissolved oxygen levels are the next factor that makes tilapia not great, because this leads to a drastic drop in the tilapia’s appetite. This happens because oxygen levels that are too low can cause a lack of appetite in the fish, because the metabolism of the fish is hampered due to lack of oxygen supply, resulting in activities that may not be optimal.


Stressed fish are also the cause of tilapia not wanting to grow, this is due to their disturbed psychological condition that hampers their growth and development.

Those are the seven causes of tilapia not wanting to grow that really need to be considered to avoid a decline in tilapia herd income. And do not forget to also pay attention to the techniques of raising fish in tanks and growing freshwater fish in narrow areas. This is what is said, hopefully it will be useful.

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