this report discusses more than 7 tips for bearded cucak cattle with breeders

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7 tips for bearded cucak cattle with breeders
The Cucak Beard bird is a type of finch that is often contested due to its distinctive voice, which is why it is often referred to as a contest bird.

The great popularity has given many people the opportunity to grow bearded birds.

Some of these bird lovers carry out the breeding process to get birds with good sound quality from puppies.

For beginners and those who have already worked with the Cucak Beard bird, here are some tips to make the process of raising Cucak Beard cattle successful.

  1. Prepare the nest for the young.

The same goes for other bird breeding councils, such as canary breeding councils, which must pay attention to the preparation of nests and cages for livestock processing.

An important point that must be taken into account in order to make the breeding process of Cucak Jenggot birds successful is to choose the correct nest location. The nests with a standard and sufficient size should be placed in a position away from crowds and can keep them in an always quiet state, away from noises such as vehicle noise, etc. The nest shape used is almost the same as the nest shape in which the Cucak wilis bird breeds.

  1. Choose the right food

As with humans, the foods consumed by both male and female Cucak Beard birds can affect the readiness of the bird’s reproductive system. In order to get female Cucak Jenggot to lay eggs, always prepare high protein voer feed, fresh fruits, worms as protein source, crickets, Kroto and Hong Kong caterpillars.

All these foods must always be available in sufficient quantities. The way the caterpillars make the bird food can be done to maintain the quality of the food that is given to the birds.

  1. Use only quality breeders.

The initial process that should be considered in Cucak Jenggot cattle tips is to choose quality breeders that are ready to mate. Good quality Cucak Beard bird breeders are usually seen from healthy physical condition without any blemish, gacor or sing often, tame, and of course of sufficient age.

For Cucak Beard males that are ready to breed, enter at the age of over 1 year and the female at the age of at least 8 months. Qualified breeders should also get a good and correct way to care for the bearded cucak bird.

  1. Go through the pairing process

After the brood is selected and the cage is ready to eat, the next tip for beginners to pay attention to is the pairing process of the two birds.

Similar to other bird mating processes, such as those carried out in stages or the easy way of green cucak cattle, introductions should be made to two different nests to help maintain the intimacy of the birds.

After looking familiar, the female can be placed in the cattle cage and once the female can adjust and is comfortable, introduce the male in the same cage. This pairing process can take approximately 2-3 weeks.

  1. The process of mating and incubation.

After pairing the male and female Cucak Jenggot birds, when their lust is formed, the mating process will occur naturally. If the mating process is successful, the female will produce eggs that she will incubate for approximately 21 to 25 days before finally hatching.

During the mating and incubation process, breeders should always minimize anything that bothers the Cucak Beard bird.

  1. separate the chicks

After the suckers are 10-15 days old, separate them from their mothers and place them in a special spot. For breeders who are breeding Cucak Jenggot birds for the first time, harvest time is best, the time can be increased until the pups are at least 1 month old. This is necessary so that the suckers do not die easily and can continue to grow until they are large later.

  1. feeding the chicks

When Cucak Jenggot chicks have been harvested and separated from their breeders, the feeding process is the responsibility of the breeder. Feeding the pups can be done by squeezing or directly giving food in the form of voer that has been dissolved in hot water so that it can be digested by the Cucak Jenggot chicks.

Those are some of the steps that can be considered in bearded goat tips for optimum results, especially for beginners who don’t know much about the characteristics of the bearded bird itself. With patience and perseverance, the ranching process will surely produce the desired good results, as is the case with the stages or methods of the Hanging Cucak Ijo Sankar.

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