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7 tips for Birds Left Homecoming

Almost everyone likes to have birds, especially men. Although there are still women who like it and others who don’t, it can be concluded that there are many bird lovers. If you are a person who likes the singing of animals, what would you do? In addition to providing daily care such as feeding and drinking, of course you think of other supportive treatments.

Especially if you really love your pet bird, that affection can exceed your love for yourself. Even for a second it feels hard to part. In fact, in his own daily life he cannot be separated from traveling. Whether it is far or near, long or short, no one knows if it is planned or not. The same thing happens on big days like Eid. (Also read: How to live quail in narrow terrain)

What comes to mind when you mention Eid? I return home, this is the most dominant response. Well, as for the discussion this time about Tips for Birds Left Homecoming that you can learn. Talking about Eid is certainly closely related to going home, and this you will definitely do because it has become a special moment. But what happens to all your pet birds when you go home? Here there will be only two options, namely to be taken home or forced to stay. Both are equally heavy, for the following reasons:

If in stay:

  • The condition of the bird is not maintained.
  • Easy to get sick and die.
  • lack of nutrition
  • thin
  • Smell from not bathing regularly

If you bring:

  • You can only bring a maximum of two queues
  • It is difficult to carry the cage.
  • It becomes a problem if you are caught by the police because it is quite dangerous to have animals in the car.
  • It can make birds die on the way.

Confused about how to keep the birds healthy while you return home. Tips for Birds Left Homecoming will be passed on in this article, you need to listen carefully so that you can find the right path for the birds before you go home. (Also read: Benefits of Brown Rice for Parakeets)

1. Leave it to the neighbors

Why neighbors? Because this is the right and easy way. Neighbors are people who are always in the neighborhood near your house. So you should also be able to ask your neighbors for help to provide food and drink regularly during your return home, at least that’s about it. Because if you burden your neighbors with many conditions, you are even worried that they will object.

2. Hire a paid nurse

Hire someone to care for your bird during the trip. Differentiate, which to rent and which to ask the neighbors for help. But the truth is that if you want to return home, hire someone who takes good care of the birds. Do not forget to give him dry feed such as millet, voer or others to make it easier. Do not forget and you have to give wages to that person. (Also Read: Benefits of Crickets for Suren Starlings)

3. Leave it to you

If you have any objections or are reluctant to leave your pet bird to a neighbor, it should be left to a relative. With your brother, you feel more free to ask for any help regarding the care of the bird. Although it is still the same, you give a reward but self-confidence is more natural for you than for other people.

4. Temporary sale

Make the sale system also being part of Tips for Birds Left Home. This method is done by selling your bird with an agreement that you will buy the bird back at a higher price. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of The Sound Of Finches In Trucukan Birds)

5. Give dry food

Do not forget to give him dry food only during your return home. Because it is feared that wet food will have mold and cause disease nests. As for dry feed for birds such as voer, millet, corn and many others. As for drinking, it’s still plain water.

6. Avoid giving fruit

The fruit is usually given to birds to support their nutrition. The fruit in question is like apples, tomatoes and various other types of fruits. Because this feed is watery and can rot. Even if you go home, of course not just one day and one night.

7. Forced to accept the return home

Tips for Birds Left Behind This last one is for bringing birds with you. You may hear very strange, but what can you do? As long as you have your own vehicle, it will be easy for you to bring birds home. It’s just that only two birds are allowed in the car. This is to avoid problems that will come later. (Also read: How to Overcome Mental Canaries)

Are you satisfied with the tips above? Whichever method you use, as an owner you know best which method is best for your own pet. It is not as easy as you think so far if you keep any animal. One of the problems like this, the owner’s desire to return home but does not want to lose birds. That’s all that can be said, hope it’s helpful.

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