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7 tips for buying lovebirds for beginnersBird breeding is one of the hobbies that is currently being favored by many people. Various types of birds with their respective advantages and characteristics are an option for bird lovers who want to keep them and even raise livestock.

Lovebird is one of the most popular types of birds and is a trend for pet birds.

For beginners, the purchase of lovebirds certainly needs consideration so that the money spent is in accordance with the condition of the bird to be purchased. Here are some tips to buy Lovebird for beginners.

  1. First understand the characteristics of the Lovebird

The first thing every beginner who wants to buy a lovebird should know is to study the various characteristics of the bird. By understanding the basic shape, types of birds, and various related things, at least beginners who will be buying lovebirds can avoid getting scammed. It is also necessary to master how to tame a young lovebird before deciding to buy one.

  1. Determine the type of lovebirds to buy

Like other bird species, Lovebird also has various types and color variants, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Before purchasing the bird, first determine the type of Lovebird to be purchased, which can be adjusted to the amount of budget you have. Each type certainly has a different way of keeping lovebirds.

  1. Buy birds in pairs

For starters, of course, they want the birds they raise to breed and produce chicks. To facilitate this desire, it is best to buy lovebirds in pairs between males and females.

Avoid buying birds of one gender and pairing them with other sexes because beginners should study the pairing process first. Paired birds are easier in terms of how to keep lovebirds at home.

  1. Do some research on the current market price of Lovebirds

The most important thing to do to not be fooled by the price of the bird compared to the existing condition or physical condition is to do some research related to the price of pairs of birds with certain types that are currently circulating in the market. Price research can be done by visiting the bird market or asking some bird breeders.

  1. Meet the birds that have better conditions

Pay attention to the characteristics of the birds with the best conditions to be carried out in the advice on buying lovebirds for beginners. A good bird has a strong, thick, long bill, a body with a broad chest and tight wings, and firmly clasped feet. Choose a bird with a large head because it can indicate that the bird has a good mentality and pay attention to the bird’s appetite, which should be tall and agile in every movement.

  1. Estimate the sex and age of the bird.

It is necessary to estimate the sex and age of the bird in order not to be fooled by the explanation of the breeder or the owner of the bird. To estimate the sex of a bird, the easiest way is to pay attention to the physical shape of the bird.

For the females, the birds will have a body shape that tends to be round, while the males have a small and slender body shape. Meanwhile, to see or estimate the age of the Agapornis bird, it can be observed by the color of its beak. Dark red color for red-billed birds that have matured, yellow color for white-billed birds when they are young and will disappear at the age of 4 months.

  1. Pay attention when buying a breeding bird with an advanced age.

Under certain conditions, beginners sometimes need brooders that are mature and ready to breed. To buy an old breeding bird, try to find out the reason the bird is being sold, if there is a problem behind the bird owner’s intention to sell it so as not to be misled by the condition of the existing bird. If you want to carry out the technique or method of colonizing Agapornis cattle, quality breeders play an important role.

Those are some things to keep in mind in buying tips for lovebirds for beginners so that they are not fooled by the physical appearance of the bird. To help choose the right bird, invite friends or family members who already understand lovebirds so they can help determine the bird that has good condition at the right price. In addition, it is also necessary to master how to care for lovebirds so that they are kept for a long time before buying them.

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